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This is for you, my best friend, the one person I can tell my soul to.
Who can relate to me like no other, who I can laugh with to no extent,
who I can cry to when times are tough, who can help me with the problems of my life.
Never have you turned your back on me or told me I wasn’t good enough or let me down;
I don’t think you know what that means to me.
You have gone through so much pain & you still have time for me & I love you for listening even when inside you’re dying.
And I look up to you because you’re strong, and caring & beautiful, even though you don’t think you are.
And I hope you know that I’m always here to listen to you laugh & cry and help in all the ways that I can. I hope you know I would not be the person I am today, without you,
my best friend. Thanks for being the friend who’s always believed in me,
who’s always understood, who’s always accepted me, who’s always cared.

~ Camila Lima

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