You Complete me

Beauty of the highest kind.

Found in every corner of your face.

The centre of your being.

The very meaning of grace.

You are the beginning

The middle

The end.

You are me

My best friend

I belong to you

with my very core..

you are all I want.

Nothing less

Nothing more.

You complete me.

You make me whole.

You are my mind.

My body.

My soul.

~ Camila Lima

What You Mean To Me

The sun comes up and so do I
But I feel like I’m living one big lie
I know only one truth and it is you.
You’re my light in a world of darkness.
You’re my map in a world with many routes.
You’re my sight to see beauty.
You’re my soul in writing,
the reason for life
and the faith in my belief.
But most of all your the love in my heart.
Without you the world would be darkness,
I would be lost,
everything I would see would be ugly,
I would not write,
I would have been gone along time ago,
I would have strayed from my belief
and my heart would be empty.
That’s what you mean to me.

~ Camila Lima

Always At Your Side

We’ve been friends forever,
Or just so it seems.
Our friendship is so special,
That it sparkles and gleams.
I’ve always been at your side,
And I promise that’s where I’ll stay.
I’ll always have a shoulder if you cry,
And a place where you can lay.
I’ll help you though the heartbreaks,
Not matter how bad their slain.
I’ll always be at you side,
Taking in every ounce of your pain.
I see myself in your eyes,
and it just makes my heart break.
That’s why I’m making you strong,
Only for your heart’s sake.
When life is just too much,
You know I’ll be home for your call.
And when Love trips you,
I’ll be there to break your fall.
No body else matters,
Only just us two.
And I won’t ever let you down,
I’ll go through whatever you go through.
I have so much more,
That I would like to say.
But that would take forever,
There isn’t enough hours or minuets in the day.
But you know how much I Love You,
And it’s going to continue to grow.
I’ll walk by your side forever,
And help you learn to Love..and let go.

~ Camila Lima

Friendship is like a rose

True friendship
is like a red rose.
It’s so fragile and delicate,
that even the slightest breath of wind can make it fall apart.
It must be appreciated
and taken care of,
or it will wither and die.

There will always be torns
in true friendship.
And often those torns
will make you bleed.
But when you bleed
your friends will bleed with you,
and when you’re withering,
you’re friends will be the sun
and the water
that makes you grow strong again.
And in the end
your friendship will be proven strong.
Or it will dry up and die.

But just remember that as soon as the spring brings new life to earth.
It will also make the rose grow strong again.

~ Camila Lima

I Love Everything About You

Mi vida, I love how your personality
draws people in
I love the way you’re always here
and have always been

I love the way you take the time
to do little things
I love how you care to think twice
and all the joy you bring

I have great respect
for your struggle to be you
How you fail and forgive yourself
in everything you do

I admire the strength you show
when you have none at all
I love the way you get back up
whenever you happen to fall

I love the way you continue to give
when you have nothing left
I love the way you live with passion
although your goals are not all met

I love how you pursue things
with your entire heart
And even though you may not succeed,
you try your hardest from the start

I love how you stay positive
and let nothing in the way
I love how you’ll be there with me
each and everyday

And to sum it all up,
I love everything you do
Every little thing…
Everything about you!

~ Camila Lima

I’ll always be there for you

If ever you need a helping hand,
just reach out and touch mine.
If ever you’re scared or afraid,
I’ll be right by your side.
If ever you need words of advice,
I’ll give you the best I have.
If ever you’re sad and depressed,
I’ll try to brighten your day.
If ever you need a shoulder to cry on,
I have two, waiting here for you.
If ever you simply need to talk,
I promise I’ll sit and listen.
Whatever the reason,
whatever you’re searching for,
whatever you need…
I promise
I’ll always be there for you!!

~ Camila Lima


Just when I think I’ve lost my way, something illuminates the dark. There you are leading the way, love shining from your heart. Many friends have crossed my path, and I thank God for them all, but I got an extra special blessing when your friendship answered my call. You stayed by my side every step. Even when others fled I know that because you’re here. I can face whatever’s ahead. Your smile and laugh urge me on. And encourage me to be strong. Your loving support helps me stand when the road is rough and long. So much that I can thank God for: My family and health, but when He blessed me with you He gave me more than wealth. Mortal words could never explain what you have come to be. You are my life, my world, my heart You are EVERYTHING to me!

~ Camila Lima