“… I want to see through your eyes
To see why you hurt and rain
Only then I will understand
What gives you so much pain

I want to beat through your heart
To know what makes it bleed so much
A heart so divine and pure
Why it cries out for a simple touch

I want to live in your thoughts
To know what are your dreams
I want to breathe in your agony
And hear your silent screams

I want to hear your unspoken words
To know what you feel each moment
I want to heal all your wounds
And set you free from the torments

So let me in and see your darkness
Show me why your world so cold
Give me your hands
I will walk you through sunshine
And give my all to make you whole …”

~ Camila Lima

Dear Friend

Dear Friend, what’s on your mind
you don’t laugh the way you used to
but I’ve noticed you cry
Dear friend, I feel so helpless
I see you sit in silence
as you face new pain each day
I feel there’s nothing I can do
I know you dont feel pretty
even though you are
but it wasn’t your beauty
that found room in my heart
Dear friend, you are so precious, Dear Friend

Dear friend, I’m here for you
I know that you don’t talk too much
but we can share this day anew
Dear Friend, please don’t feel like your alone
there is someone who is praying
praying for your peace of mind
hoping joy is what you’ll find
I know you don’t feel weak
even though you are
but it wasn’t your strength
that found room in my heart

For You Just Because… You’re Very Special to Me
I want this message to put a smile on your face.
I want it to remind you that you have been on my mind.
I want it to tell you that I think you’re wonderful.
I want it to be a beautiful part of this day.

And I want it to help you remember –
every time you remember it in the days yet to be –
that this message was sent to you…

just because
you’re very special to me