I miss You

… As I lay down at night
I think how things have changed
Ever since you entered it
My whole life’s re-arranged
But I wish that i could see you sooner than i can
It’s like you’re a movie star
And i’m your biggest fan

But I miss you
Like i miss the sun on a rainy day
Like i miss the moon when it goes away
But the sun and the moon
don’t mean nearly as much to me
As you do
I could live without them But i need you
And i miss you

~ Camila Lima

” Let all my smile be urs,

and all ur tears beĀ mine..

Let all my happiness be ur,

and all ur sadness be mine..

Let all my life be added to urs,

and all ur pain be mine..

Let all my strenght be urs,

and all ur weaknesses be mine..

Let all my courage be urs,

and all ur fears be mine..

Let the whole world be urs,

but u be only mineĀ  :D”

~ Animoo ( Moomoo )

If ever you need me,
I’ll be right here,
To chase away the sadness,
And wipe away a tear.

If ever you need me,
I’ll be two steps behind,
To follow in your footsteps,
And hear what’s on your mind.

If ever you need me,
You’ll never have to fear,
That your presence isn’t important,
And your love isn’t dear.

If ever you need me,
I’ll always be around,
To bring back the laughter,
Where deep in your heart it’s found.

You’ll never have to worry,
For I’ll always be here,
To chase away the sadness,
And wipe away a tear.

I am here for you!

We talked,
We walked,
for a Moment in Time.

You passed through my life that day and left your mark.
You may never pass my way again,
Or you may stay for a lifetime.

No matter what,
I want to say thank you for the impression you made
that will stay with me for eternity.

I enjoyed the walk,
I enjoyed the talk.
I am blessed for that moment in time.

The first time I saw you I knew you would affect my life,
though your role I did not know.
I asked myself, “Why is he alone?
Why does he sit so quiet, all alone?
Is he sad?
Is he glad to be alone?
Is he alone?
Is he lonely? ”
There is so much I want to know.

I asked myself, “Why him?
When so many people pass through my life each day,
why him? “

What attracts me to you?
What makes me want to know more?
I want to know.

Even if my questions are never answered,
There is one thing I want you to know.
I have been blessed by the effect you had on me in that
Moment in Time.

~ Camila Lima