… Thanks for giving me joys and smiles, thanks for being with me through hard times, believe me! You are everything to me; Me, my heaven and my smiles! I can’t imagine a life without you! My life’s rainbow is pale without you You are my strength, my wings, my air! This little bird is flying because of you. To hear you I can wait forever, To see you I will not blink ever, I will walk with you, rest of my life You are mine and I’m yours forever! …

~ Camila Lima

 I Miss you!!

Its really hard even a second without you!

Because I only dream of you!

Because I only think of you !

Because My whole world is a fake without you!

and because my only reality is you!

Because my truth is you!

I have no other words than you!

My universe is you!

My life is you! 

My reason of excistence is you!

My whole world is you!

My everthing is you!

Now that you are not well,

I promise I will never leave you!

I swear I am always with you!

Please get well soon!!!

I am empty without you!

just remember this ,

I am always thinking of you!

I can do anything for you!

And that ….


For You –

yours lovingly best friend forever

~Animoo ( moomoo )


I’m sending this to let you know
I think of you each day,
And pray for your recovery,
Hoping soon you’ll be okay.

You’re going through a lot right now;
You’re treatments can be trying;
Remember while you do them
When ur in pain .. I am dying 

Hold on to your positive attitude,
And when things get hard to bear,
Know that I am here for you;
Remember that I care.

And when you’re well and flourishing,
Look back and realize,
You learned what you were made of;
That’s a reward that satisfies!

Get well soon princess!!!! mwaaaaaaaaaaah