My sweet angel

My sweet, precious angel sent from above.
You’ve come to watch over and show me love.
My frowns you have turned into smiles.
Through a period of time and over many miles.
Right from the start you touched my heart.
My dearest angel we shall never part.
The sparkle in your eye like the stars in the sky.
You make me feel safe and now I know why.
God in Heaven has sent you to me.
To watch over and show me once again how to be happy.
My sweet angel I love and appreciate you.
I have prayed to God and Thanked him too.
For sending me someone so special and true.
To help mend my heart and see me through.

Animoo ( Moomoo)

100 Things I appreciate about you !

1. I like the way you look at me with your beautiful eyes.

2. I like your smile.

3. I like your voice its just like a sweet melody to me.

4. I like ur strength when I am weak.

5. I like the way you look in your clothes.

6. Your unshaven face or ur freshly shaved face.

7. The funny way you come up with silly nicknames for me.

8. The patient way you deal with my mood swings.

9. How safe and protected I feel when I am with you.

10. Your love for kids.

11. The sparkle in your eyes when you are happy.

12. The way you get real serious when we are talking about the real serious stuff.

13. How cute you look when you laugh.

14. Your sense of humor.

15. How religious and prayerful you are.

16. Your sense of responsibility.

17. The way we say same things at the same time (that is what I call soul to soul connection).

18. How you make time for me no matter how busy you are.

19. The way you make me eat a lot despite my protests.

20. Walking under the rain with you (day dreaming :b).

21. How you make me smile on really bad days.

22. How cute you look in your shirt and jeans.

23. Sharing our private jokes.

24. How you are like a little kid when you are not feeling well.

25. Your sweet little gifts and surprises.

26. How you make me feel like i am the most beautiful girl in the planet.

27. Your simplicity.

28. How we dont keep secrets from each other.

29. How our friendship works in “we” rather than “I”.

30. Your humility.

31. Your kind heart.

32. Your generosity.

33. How you seek my advice and actually follow it.

34. Hearing you sing one of my favorite songs.

35. The way you value and take care of your family.

36. The way you value and take care of me.

37. How brave you get when I am feeling scared or unsure or anxious.

38. How hard you work at keeping your promises.

39. The way I miss you when we are not together.

40. You laugh at my jokes even when no one else realizes I am making one.

41. Your playfulness. I love being silly with you.

42. That I can trust you completely.

43. You have the biggest heart.

44. You have beautiful big brown eyes.

45. I love the way you make me laugh.

46. I love the way you make me cry (tears of joy stream from my eyes).

47. The way you always support me.

48. How you pushe me to do better.

49. When I am sleeping you hold me as if protecting me and keeping me close.

50. You know everything about me.

51. When you call me milly, mi vida, mi princess.

52. Your imagination.

53. That you are my BEST FRIEND.

54. The way your eyes twinkle when you smile.

55. The way you mess your hair just because I said I like it.

56. When you wear the blue shirt just because I like it.

57. The way you get embaressed and your cheeks turn red.

58. When I am down, you pick me back up.

59. When I am with you the world feels so perfect.

60. You say the most perfect things at the most perfect times.

70. When you show me your drawings.

71. When you do poetry and says that was just for me.

72. You tell me what is right when I am wrong.

73. When you miss me.

74. I can tell all my secrets to you.

75. The way you can stay up till the morning talking to me.

76. Your inner beauty and your outer beauty.

77. Your patience with me.

78. How warm you make my heart feel every time you talk to me.

79. I can, and do, trust you with everything.

80. We can talk about anything together no matter what it is.

90. You always put me first.

91. We never get bored with eachother.

92. How you are always understanding with me even when I dont deserve it.

93. How much you and I share in common together about everything.

94. The fact that you arent afraid to cry.

95. Your intelligence.

96. The way you make me feel about myself.

97. The heart-touching things you’ve written for me.

98. The way you’ve opened up your heart and life to me.

99. How you always comfort me or give me a shoulder to cry on when I need it.

100. And how lucky you make me feel each day for having someone like you in my life.

~ Camila Lima

You and me forever
You’re in my dreams,
You’re in my thoughts.
You’re the reason my heart doesn’t stop.
You and me forever,
And always to the end.
I can’t live with out you,
Because you are my best friend.
I love you with all my heart,
And I knew I would from the start.
As time goes on you and me can’t be apart.


I used to think
There was no one for me
That I would be lonely
For eternity

My nights were sleepless
My days were gray
Then I met you 
And the clouds went away

You picked me up
When I was down
You made my head 
Spin round and round

You turn me on
In so many ways
I'm walking around
In a daze

You are so pretty
So soft and so sweet
You have made
My life complete

Some say you're too young
But I disagree
There's no one else
But you for me

Awake or asleep
At work or at play
My thoughts are of you
All night and all day

Roses are pretty
Sunsets are too
But nothing is quite
As pretty as you

You're in my soul
You're in my heart
I go crazy
When we are apart

You mean more to me 
Than mere words can say
If you wanted to leave me 
I'd beg you to stay

When we walk down the street
I feel so proud
I want to climb up a tree
And shout out loud....