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Always At Your Side

We’ve been friends forever,
Or just so it seems.
Our friendship is so special,
That it sparkles and gleams.
I’ve always been at your side,
And I promise that’s where I’ll stay.
I’ll always have a shoulder if you cry,
And a place where you can lay.
I’ll help you though the heartbreaks,
Not matter how bad their slain.
I’ll always be at you side,
Taking in every ounce of your pain.
I see myself in your eyes,
and it just makes my heart break.
That’s why I’m making you strong,
Only for your heart’s sake.
When life is just too much,
You know I’ll be home for your call.
And when Love trips you,
I’ll be there to break your fall.
No body else matters,
Only just us two.
And I won’t ever let you down,
I’ll go through whatever you go through.
I have so much more,
That I would like to say.
But that would take forever,
There isn’t enough hours or minuets in the day.
But you know how much I Love You,
And it’s going to continue to grow.
I’ll walk by your side forever,
And help you learn to Love..and let go.

~ Camila Lima

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