You Complete me

Beauty of the highest kind.

Found in every corner of your face.

The centre of your being.

The very meaning of grace.

You are the beginning

The middle

The end.

You are me

My best friend

I belong to you

with my very core..

you are all I want.

Nothing less

Nothing more.

You complete me.

You make me whole.

You are my mind.

My body.

My soul.

~ Camila Lima

What You Mean To Me

The sun comes up and so do I
But I feel like I’m living one big lie
I know only one truth and it is you.
You’re my light in a world of darkness.
You’re my map in a world with many routes.
You’re my sight to see beauty.
You’re my soul in writing,
the reason for life
and the faith in my belief.
But most of all your the love in my heart.
Without you the world would be darkness,
I would be lost,
everything I would see would be ugly,
I would not write,
I would have been gone along time ago,
I would have strayed from my belief
and my heart would be empty.
That’s what you mean to me.

~ Camila Lima