You Are the best friend i ever had

Although I have only known you for four months
It feels like a lifetime I will be here to wipe away your tears
And to fight away all of your fears
You know I will help you when things get tough
I will help you when things get hard and rough
I’ve told you my deepest secrets And you have told me yours
You’re my friend in life you’re my friend in death
We have a bond so strong proven with every breath
I must say the things I cherish the most
Is the time we get to spend together
You’re my best friend and that’s the way it will always be
Your always there for me beginning to end
That’s how I describe you the perfect friend
You have been there for me through thick and thin
And I know you will be till the end
I know you will be here for me because true friends are for eternity
You turned my darkness into light
You made everything all right
When I needed you the most you were there
Even if you didn’t really care
Friendship is a strange thing
We find ourselves telling each other
the deepest of our secrets and details of our lives
things that we don’t even share with the families that raised us
Of all the friends I have ever met
You’re the one I will never forget
If I die before you do I will go to heaven and wait for you
If you never show I will know u went the other way
Ill give the angels their wings back
And risk the loss of everything just to prove
Our friendship is true I will even go to hell for you
We are two friends, friends forever,
two friends always together
No matter what I will be here till the end
I want you to remember me as your best friend.

~Animoo (Moomoo)

You, who knows the real me!

You are the one that makes me smile.
You are the one that has always been there for me.
You are the one that never let me leave.
You are the one that i need to talk when I’m down.
You are the one that never judge me.
You are the one that told me that was wrong when everyone said that was right.
You are the one that came to me when everyone ignored me.
But best of all YOU are my best friend and the one i would die for.

~ Camila Lima

Because of you!

Where did you come from?
You, who held my hand when i was about to fall.
Saving me from myself,
You made my worries seem so small.

When i looked at the world through pessimistic eyes,
You dramatically changed my view.
I learned how to live life again,
I wouldn’t have done it without you.

You made me love myself,
After all i felt was disgust.
You are a true friend,
One which i can blindly trust.

You have a heart of gold,
I will never forget what you did.
Both of us are strong and independent,
but together we act like kids.

You see, no words can describe my gratitude,
No praises can explain what i feel.
Sometimes, words are just not enough,
But silence can be more than real.

I just wanted to let you know,
That you held my hand when i was about to fall.
It is because of you, I’ve recovered completely,
It is because of your support, that today i walk tall.

~ Camila Lima

Don’t let me go …

I hope you were ok today
I missed you very much.
I know i could have text to say
But i was scared to get in touch.

You see its so hard to believe
That you are here for good.
I’m still scared that you’ll leave
And I’ll be misunderstood.

The way that you protect me
I’m still not quite sure why.
I was protected once before
But it turned out just a lie.

I really want your hand to hold
But I’m scared to let you know.
Having you means more than gold
But I’m scared you’ll let me go.

~ Camila Lima

You are not alone

You are not alone
You are not unknown

Times get tough
Makes you want to give up
Leaving you having enough
Life can get rough

Days get long
Thoughts go wrong
Hard to be strong
Want to just move on

You are not alone
You are not unknown

With all the pain
Tears falling like rain
Feeling of going insane
Never wanting to go through it again

Days seem dark as night
Nothing ever going right
About to lose the fight
Not knowing if there is light

You are not alone
You are not unknown

I will lift you up
When times get tough
I will give you love
When life gets rough

You are someone
You don’t need to run

I will be by your side
When things are going wrong inside
I will wipe away the tears you cried
Even when you try to hide

I will make your pain disappear
You will no longer have to fear
I will make the light appear
Sanity will be near

You are someone
You don’t need to run

We can make it together
We will help each other
Don’t you ever give up on yourself, us, or me
I will make you believe!

~ Camila Lima

I wonder if you know

I wonder if you know
That every night before I go to sleep
I pray 2 times
One prayer for me
And the other one for you.

I wonder if u know
That I ask God to keep you safe
I ask him, to bless you with happiness
And keep sorrow from ur way.

I wonder if you know
That having you guys is like
having my own collection of stars
Always shinning in my way
For you, I’ll fight a thousand wars.

I wonder if you know
That when ur sad
I get sad to
Because ur happiness is my own
And I hate to see you down.

And I’ll continue to wonder
If I do enough, to let you know
How much I care.

And I wonder if you know
That you can always count on me
I am right next to you
And I forever will be.

I wonder if you know
That you mean the world to me
And If it wasn’t for you,
I wouldn’t not be here.

I wonder if you know
That I’ll risk my life
to safe ur own.

I wonder if you know
That ur the best thing that ever happend to me
Trough this bumpy ride
Called L.I.F.E

I wonder if you know
That I had to let you know
That I mean every single word.

I wonder if you know
That I am with you, now and forever!

~ Camila Lima

I close my eyes and think of you

When I am scared and all alone,
I close my eyes and think of you.
I see your smile and bright, brown eyes;
You ease my fears and calm the tides.

When I am mad and very sad,
I close my eyes and think of you.
I hear your laugh and sweet, soft voice;
You cheer me up; I’ve got no choice.

When I am lost and lose my mind,
I close my eyes and think of you.
I feel your touch upon my hand;
You lead me home all safe and sound.

You’re in my thoughts both day and night,
My feelings for you will never die.
And even though I close my eyes,
My heart cries out for you each night.

My eyes shed tears, my heart just breaks,
Because they know all I can do
Is close my eyes and think of you,
Just close my eyes and think of you.
I miss you so much!

~ Camila Lima