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I need you!

Right now I just realized something. I thought about it so much, and I’ve come to the conclusion that…I need you.
I need you to be here, make me laugh, put that smile on my face that no one can. I need you. To make my heart skip a beat, take my breath away, make me happy. I need you right now, Its hard to go without hearing your voice, having to take not being with you, Knowing your are not here. I need you more than anything, no one makes me feel this way, no one in this world can make a second a miracle. I need you, I just miss you even if its only been ten minutes or one day. I got used to you and your ways. You were all I looked foward to every day, you were the voice of reason I searched for along the way. You were who I mindlessly gave everythign to, because I trusted you…I need your voice, I need your words, I need your eyes, I need your hug, I need your touch, I need your everything…I Need You. I cant be without you.

~ Camila

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