I Miss You So Much

Anas, mi vida, in the morning when I wake up and I open up my eyes, I feel an aching in my heart that’s when I realize how much I really miss you and long to have you near. My heart is filled with sadness, and my eyes are filled with tears. At different times throughout the day, I find I’m missing you. And I wonder if, perhaps a bit, maybe you miss me too. I miss you when I am walking, when I’m in there all alone. And when I want to hear your voice, and call you on the phone. When I check my e-mail and find there’s nothing there. I can’t help it that I worry, and I put you in my prayers. I think by now it’s safe to say, that I miss you very much, and my heart will never be the same if you leave me. You don’t know how bad I need you here with me, I need you more than anything more than I need to breathe. Being without you its like my heart was put on hold. How do I stay warm without you to hold me tight, I wish I was in your arms and everything was right. When I’m with you my body becomes weak, I want to say how much I need you but its really hard to speak. I get this amazing feeling from my head down to my toes, I can’t explain it I’m like the only one who knows. I wish I could tell you exactly how I feel, but words can’t explain it this feelings just to real. I miss you so much and I cant wait to see your face, cause when were together my heart begins to race. When I’m with you its like no one can get in my way, even when were apart I think about you all day. Thank you so much for always being there for me. When I first talked to you I felt like I had known you forever, telling you my problems and what I didn’t want ever. Over a period of time, I got to know the real you. A man so charming and gentle, with a heart so true. You’ve survived your life with me by your side. I told you I’d never leave because of the feelings I have inside. I know you like no one I have ever known, and sometimes I wonder what do I do when we’re alone? So I have decided time answers all. If it is meant to be time will remove the wall. Standing between us, holding us back and allowing us to feel. I love the way we are together, you can always make me smile. Will it ever really be forever? I guess I will have to wait awhile. Time will reveal, what lies ahead but always remember what I have said. Thanks for being there when I needed a shoulder to lean on, for patiently listening to my personal problems. Mi vida, I just want you to know how happy am I to have you in my life and I thank God for that. Thank you for the love and the joy you bring. You’ve changed my life, Ani. You’re the only friend who gives my heart some excitement and thrills. When I’m with you I feel like I’m out of control! You taught me how to handle life seriously, you taught me how to solve my problems and to face it without any fear. When I’m with you, I feel no fear, not even a single one. If you go I’m scared I’m going to lose you. You’ve changed my life I can’t lose you now. You’re my best friend everything to me. Been there when I didn’t even seem to care. Helped me out when I was in doubt. Making me stronger when I felt weak. Through good and bad whatever you go through I will go through with you. No matter what happens I care about you I will never forget you! I will always remember the times we spent together, the times you helped me out, the memories we have, the way you took away my frown and made it a smile. You showed me that not everyone lies,  It’s okay to be myself and not anyone else but most of all you helped me to be me, helped me to believe in things again. Having you as my friend has helped to mend my heart, my heart which has been broken and hurt many times. Thank you for helping my happiness, my smile and me! Meeting you has changed my life and I really love you so, the feelings I feel for you I am never letting go. Remember me always and I will too. I will always think of me and you.

~ Mila (MillyMoo)

You were sent by GOD as a blessing to me

When we’re apart you’re all I think of.
I long to see your eyes and smile.
Eyes that sparkles like precious gems.
A smile that lights up my heart with joy and love,
like the Light of the World shining down from Heaven.
I long to hold your hand.
Just a look warms my soul on the coldest day.
I long to hold you in my arms.
Arms that give me such a sense of security
that nothing could ever take you from me.
I often think I’m the luckiest man in the world,
but God constantly reminds me,
It is His blessing, not luck
for me to have an angel like you

~Animoo (Moomoo)

So close to each other we are….

You live so far away,
Farther than anyone can see.
Yet we are closer to one another,
Than anything could ever be.

Your laughs, your tears,
Are enough to make me cry.
So far, so close,
You and I.

No matter the cost,
I’ll protect you with life.
No matter how hard,
I’ll give it a try.

Your care, your trust,
Your presence is all I need.
To make it clear to me that,
My eyes will never again bleed

~Animoo (Moomoo)

Cant survive a day without u mila

Of all the friends that i have ever had
Your the only one to truly understand
The pain that I feel deep within my soul.
You know that behind my smile lies true pain
and you know I sit outside and cry in the rain
You know exactly how i am feeling and what’s wrong
and with your help i somehow keep going on
I don’t know where i would be with out you
Somehow you make the pain just seem to go away
and with you I feel like I can get by another day
I do not have to give in to the things around me
and with you my life is better and that I can see
You are always being there when I am down
And with you in my life,  i will be able to smile instead of frown.
You are my best friend mila, i will not survive a day without you

~Animoo (Moomoo)

Sweetheart…dont ever leave

Please don’t ever  go
please don’t ever leave
please don’t ever let –
these scars bleed

stay with me
dry my tears
we’ll be OK
throughout the years

i wont cope
if you move
the greatest friend
i just cant lose

we’ve made it through
the good and bad
we’ve shared the laughs
you’ve made me mad ( in a good way 😀 )

i couldn’t live
without you there
without your touch
without your care

you soothing words
your healing smile
can make me whole
for just a while

please don’t ever leave
this gaping whole
inside of me
inside my soul

and please don’t ever tear
cause that would brake my spirit
life wont be the same
if your not in it

~Animoo (Moomoo)

I Could’nt stop thinking of you mi kookoo

From the moment I met you,
I knew it was true,
Because I couldn’t stop smiling,
Nor I could stop thinking of you.

I couldn’t believe it,
Someone so beautiful I knew,
Because I wouldn’t stop smiling,
Nor I could stop thinking of you.

This feeling’s so wonderful,
Like a dream come true,
I refuse to stop smiling,
Nor I could stop thinking of you.

~Animoo (Moomoo)

You are my…..

You are my everything
My heart and soul
I thought I had dug my grave
But you pulled me out of that hole

When I am lost in the dark
You are my shinning light
You chase away the darkness
That haunts my dreams at night

You are my strength
That carries me to another tomorrow
You are my hope
That replaced my everlasting sorrow

You are my healer
That healed all my scars
You are my angel
Sent from the brightest of stars

When I thought there was nothing more
And my life was at an end
You came into my life
And my heart you did mend

You are my joy
That filled my empty heart
You made my life whole
When it was torn apart

When I found you
I was free from all torment
You are my angel
That was heaven sent

You mean so much to me
You are the only one I adore
You are my everything
I could ask for nothing more

~Animoo (Moomoo)

Mi vida… all i need is you!!!

Oh mi vida, i need you,
Do you believe me when i say?
Oh mi vida i am always thinking of you,
To get me through the day.

Your the only best friend for me,
I thought you should know,
Please don’t ever leave me,
Don’t you let me go.

Oh mi millymoo, i miss you,
It seems like forever that we last met,
Oh My princess, i promise,
That you,
I will never forget.

I treasure you,
I really do,
And don’t know what i’d do without you.

I need you mi kookoo,
I sware its true,
Don’t ever leave me,
Cause i know you need me too.

~Animoo (Moomoo)

Every moment i miss you millymoo

The glittering sun in your eyes
Melts my heart away
I admire you for who you are
In every single way

The warmth of your touch
Pierces through my soul
You alone are the only one
Who can make my life whole

Like a plant needs water
I need you like air
Because in times of problems
You are always there

Everything of you is perfect
Everything you do makes you right
You are to me, the source
Who brings everlasting light

Your Embrace that feels
Sweet through my thought
To you I say this
Every moment I miss You

~Animoo (Moomoo)

You are a miracle to me mi vida

Since the day we first met
there was something about you
that I just didn’t get

Knowing you now, I realize
that you are my miracle
sent in disguise

The things you do
the things you say
just make me want to float away.

You are my strength
yet, my weakness
I never knew heaven could feel like this

You are my miracle sent from above
Thank you for the things you do

~Animoo (Moomoo)