I will always be there for you!

I’ll be there for you when you need someone
To come and hold you tight
I’ll be there for you even if you call
In the middle of the night

I’ll be there for you when the rain won’t stop
Falling upon your life
I’ll wipe your tears and chase your fears
I’ll help you with your fight

I’ll do my best to protect you from harm
To keep you safe and well
And when you have a problem hidden
I’ll be who you can tell

I’ll take your very darkest night
And I’ll make it bright for you
And even if we are far apart
My feelings for you will still be true

When this world turns bitter and cold
And you don’t know what to do
I’ll be the one that’s there to hold
Together we’ll pull through

When you’re alone calling out for help
Struggling to even stand
I’ll use my strength to keep you up
I’ll hold out to you, my hand

And I know these are but just words on a page
But they mean so very much more
They are everything that I promise to do
They are everything for you, I’d endure

I’ll always be beside you until the very end
wiping all you tears away being your best friend
I’ll smile when you smile and feel the pain you do,
and if you cry a single tear I promise I’ll cry to!

I am missing you mi animoo! Take care. Mwah

~ Camila (Millymoo)