I would be lost without you

Theres something you don’t know,
and that just how i feel,
the thoughts that go through my mind,
have never felt this real.

You make me feel as if I’m beautiful,
like I’m all you want to see,
the only thing I don’t understand,
is why you chose me.

When you hand touches mine,
theres this tingle feeling I get inside,
you make me feel so cared,
and now I know that I need not hide.

Oh how did i ever get this lucky,
why do you only want me?
am i all that was out there?
or do you see something i don’t see?

I’m so thankful that were together,
because i would be lost without you,
just tell me that you’ll always be with me,
like i promise to always stay with you.

Did you know that your my world?
your my life, my soul, my happiness,
I’m so lucky you chose me,
because only I can feel your embraces.

I wanted to thank you,
for all you’ve given me,
you let me smile again,
and set my spirit free.

I always think about you,
every single second of the day,
I think of how happy you’ve made me,
and how I know you’ll always stay

~Animoo (Moomoo)

(Nearly) All the movies we watched together… (2010)


1.   April 5th, 2010: Tristan & Isolde

2.   April 11, 2010: Bride Wars

3.   18/19 april, 2010: Clash of the Titans

4.   May 04, 2010: Old Dogs

5.  May 11th /12 th 2010: Alvin and the chipmunks

6.   May 15th/16th 2010: Remember Me

7.   May, 16th / 17th 201: Brother Bear

8.   May 21, 2010: Brother Bear 2

9.   May 23-24, 2010: Little Manhattan

10.   May 28, 2010: Cloudy with a chance of meatball

11.   Sunday 30th may 2010: Enchanted

12.   Sunday 30th may 2010: My name is Khan

13.   Friday, 4th June: She’s the man
14.   05/06 June 2010: Inkheart (A memorable date) 

15.   07 June 2010: 9 (Happy 6 month anniversary)

16.   08/09 June, 2010: A walk to remember

17.   11/12 June, 2010: Yes Man

18.   13 June, 2010: Before Sunrise

19.   15th June, 2010: Ghost Town

20.    19th June, 2010: Before Sunset
21.   June 20th, 2010: She’s out of my league
22.   June 21/22 , 2010: UP
23.   June 24/25, 2010: Land of the lost
24.   June 25/26, 2010: The invention of  lying
25.   June 27/28, 2010: The answer man
26.   July 1st, 2010: 17 Again
27.   July 02, 2010: Kites
28.   July 5th/6th, 2010: Marley & Me
29.   July 8th/9th, 2010: Changeling
30.   July 11, 2010: A Christmas Carol
31.   July 11 – 12, 2010: Coraline
32.   July 13/14, 2010: Fantastic Mr. Fox
33.   July 14/15, 2010: The Bounty Hunter
34.   July 16/17, 2010: Furry Vengeance
35.   July 17/18, 2010: Step Up

36.   July 18/19, 2010: Step Up 2 The Streets

37.   July 20/21, 2010: Julie & Julia
38.   July 22/23, 2010: Fighting
39.   July 23/24, 2010 : Knocked Up
40.   July 25th/26th, 2010 : The Ugly Truth
41.   July 27th/28th, 2010 : Shrek Forever After
42.   July 29/30, 2010 : The Proposal

43.   August 1st, 2010: Dear John

44.    August 2nd, 2010: Death at a funeral
45.   August 4th / 5th, 2010: Funny People
46.   August 5th / 6th, 2010: Toy Story 3
47.   August 6th / 7th, 2010: Death at a funeral 2010 (Happy 8th Month anniversary)
48.   August 8th / 9th, 2010: Knight and Day
49.   August 11th / 12th, 2010: The blind side
50.   August 12th / 13th, 2010: The pursuit of happyness
51.   August 13th / 14th, 2010: Alice in wonderland

52.   August 15th , 2010: When In Rome 2010
53.   August 15th/16th, 2010: Where the wild things are
54.   August 20th/21th, 2010: Romeo and Juliette (1996)
55.   August 22nd/23rd, 2010: Music and Lyrics

56.   August 26th/27th, 2010: The spy next door

57.   August 28th/29th, 2010: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
58.   August 30th/31st, 2010: The Pacifier
59.   September 2nd/3rd, 2010: Year One
60.   September 4th/5th, 2010: The Last Airbender
61.   September 6th/7th, 2010: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
– Happy 9th Month Anniversary –

62.   September 8th/9th, 2010: The Step Father

63.   September 11/12, 2010: The Notebook

64.   September 14th/15th, 2010: Tropic Thunder
65.   September 16th/17th, 2010: There’s something about Mary

66.   September 25th/26th 2010: Rat Race
67.   29th/30th September 2010: Grown ups (2010)

68.   Sep 30th/Oct 1st 2010 : The Joneses
69.   October 3rd/4th 2010: The Switch

70.   October 4th/5th 2010: Dinner for Schmucks
71.   October 8th/9th 2010: Twilight – Eclipse

72.   October 10th/11th 2010: Pitch Black

73.   11th/12th October 2010: Chronicles Of Riddick ( HAPPY BIRTHDAY MILA MI AMOR)

74.   13th/14th October 2010: Eragon


75.   16th/17th October 2010: The Water Horse

76.   17th/18th October 2010: Salt


77.   October 21/22 2010: The Karate Kid

78.   October 24th/25th 2010: 8 Below


79.   October 29/30 2010: Movie – Forgetting Sarah Marshall

80.   31st October/ 1st November 2010 : The Legend of the Guardians the owls of Ga’hoole

81.   November 6th/7th 2010: Youth In Revolt

Happy 11 Months Anniversary baby!


82.   November 9th/10th 2010: Lottery Ticket

83.   November 15th/16th 2010: Date Night


84.   November 21st / 22nd: Legion

85.   November 23rd / 24th: Step Up 3D

86.   November 28th / 29th: Resident Evil After Life


87.   November 30th/ December 1st 2010: Zombieland


88.   December 5th/6th 2010: Stomp The Yard

89.   December 6th/7th 2010: Stomp The Yard 2 ( Happy one year Anniversary babez♥)

90.   December 9th/10th 2010: Letters to Juliet


91.   December 12/13 2010: Going The Distance

92.   December 14th/15th 2010: Killers
93.   December 16th/17th 2010: What Happens In Vegas
94.   December 19th/20th 2010 Movie: Wall-e

95.   December 21st/22nd 2010 Movie: Jackass 3D

96.   December 22nd/23rd 2010 Movie: Alpha & Omega
97.   December 25th/26th 2010 : The Other Guys (Merry Christmas)

98.   December 26th/27th 2010 : Cats and dogs – The Revenge of Kitty Galore
99.   December 27th/28th 2010 Movie: The Expendables

100.    December 29th/30th 2010: Get Him to The Geek

Forever you and me!!

I cant explain the way I feel for you
With any words I say or actions I do
I don’t know if you can really see
That you mean everything to me

Your the one I’ve been looking for
And now I’ve got you I wont look anymore
I’ll never let you go and this is not a lie
Because without you i would die

Whenever I think about you my heart beats fast
Like it does now, forever this feeling  will last
I cant imagine not wanting to see your face
Or that being without you will be my better place

If I’m upset or feeling alone
I run to your arms and and i’ll know I’m at home
Happiness and smiles is all that you bring
I know this is true friendship and not a school-kid thing

We will spend each and every day together
As i always say that me and you is forever
I need you, I’ll keep saying it so you’ll see
For your my only true best friend, its forever you and me

~Animoo (Moomoo)

Hold me forever mi vida !!

Hold me, let me be a lil boy again.
I dont want anyother thing now, I need my best friend

And one safe place I only want to be,
the place is your heart thats all what I can see,

I dont want to talk to anyone and I dont want to think about someone,
I just want to hide in your arms and just yours and no one’s

So hold me and make me calm,
I dont want to think about anything outside your arms

Anything you need from me I will never say no,
Just hold me in your arms forever and never let me go!!

~ Animoo (Moomoo)
~ Millymoo (Kookoo)

I need you to stay with me forever my angel !!

I’ve known you for only
a short period of time,
but I feel as if
I’ve known you forever.

I tremble with joy
at your every touch.
The feel of your hand taking mine –
I want you to hold it forever.

I glow with happiness
every time you’re near.
I want you near me now,
I want to be with you forever.

My knees grow weak
in your loving arms.
I want to stay there,
I want you to hold me forever.

My body melts
with every kiss you give.
Just the thought of your lips on my cheek –
I want you to kiss me forever.

My heart jumps
to know how much you care.
Knowing that you’re by my side –
I want you to stay with me forever.

~ Animoo (Moomoo)

~ Picture By MillyMoo :b

You are my world

You are the sunlight that brightens every day.
You are the strong wind that takes away my pain.
You are the ocean, rough, yet such a beautiful sight.
You are the moon, giving off an amazing light.
You are the rain you wash away the hurt.
You are the water, your care quenches my thirst.
You are the oxegen, helping my lungs breathe,
You are the birds, you fly through my heart with ease.
You are the thunderstorms, loud, but magical.
You are the tall grass, comfortable, and pretty, too!
You are the snow, briight and glistening.
You are the sounds, I just can’t stop listeniing.
You are the world, your love makes me feel alive.
You are my everything, I need you by my side.

~ Camila (MillyMoo)

I Promise

I know that there are so many things left untold.
We carry on everyday as our lives unfold.
As time passes we grow further and further apart,
But I promise that you’ll always stay in my heart.
I promise to remember the days were shared,
To remember the simple fact that you cared.
I promise that I’ll always call you my best friend.
I promise that my love will never end.
So as we both get older,
and as day, weeks, and months go passed,
Promises I’ve made will last.
I’ll be the friend you thought I was,
I’ll be the one you can trust.
I’ll be the one who keeps her promise,
because if there’s one thing i can say it’s this.
I’ll always love you, I promise.

~ Camila (MillyMoo)

The One and Only You

I want you to remember
Those good old days
Those days of happiness
When everything went your way

I want you to cherish these memories
I don’t want you to let them go
And I hope they make you happy
As they did so long ago

I wish I could comfort you
Shield you from life’s pain
I wish I could just give you everything
You definitely deserve something to gain

You’ve always told me not to give up
Well here is a lesson for you
If you ever need me, call
That is all you have to do

You’ve been through so much these days
I’m sure God has something planned out
But in order to see it
You cannot be blinded by doubt

So help me help you
Tell me everything you’re going through
Let go of all these troubles
Because the more you hold on the more it doubles

Please, I can see your smile fading
I can hear your voice crack
You may not be near
But you know I got your back

In the past I wasn’t always there
Give me a chance this time
I swear on my life I’ll be right beside you
To save the emptiness in your mind

With your heart so fragile
With your soul so true
This is a tribute
To the one and only you

So smile your gorgeous smile
Walk with your chin held high
Get up off the ground
Don’t let your dreams die.

~ Camila – MillyMoo

If I were

If I were a memory I’d hold you there forever
Reminding you of the good times we shared together

If I were a smile on your face I would stay
Never to let sadness chase me too far away

If I were a teardrop I’d roll gently down from your eyes
Not to burn much but to mend your sweet cries

If I were a hand I’d want you to hold me in your own
Carry me through life .. even when I’m grown

If I were feet I would stay inline with you
So I could be with you in all that you do

If I were a shadow I would always follow
We’d face things together in all the tomorrows

If I were pain I’d stay far away from the start
To make sure you never felt me or I never broke your heart

If I were a song I’d be a sweet sound to your ears
To keep up your hopes and carry you through the years

If I were strength I’d give you my all
I’d hold you high and never let your fall

If I were your heart I’d be steady and true
I’d be there in every beat; staying strong for you

If I were the sun I’d shine down upon your face
Illuminate your smile and radiate through your grace

If I were a star I’d sparkle like your eyes
I would look upon your life and never stop my shine

I don’t know how good at those things I could be
I’m not any of them but this I want you to see

If I were a friend I couldn’t let you down
I’d never let you fall or walk away from me with a frown

If I were a friend I would hold your hand
I would be with you always, I hope you understand

If I were a friend I would give you my all
And though it’s not much, I’ll be there when you call

If I were a friend I’d be in every memory too
When you laughed, when you cried, I’d be with you

I CAN be these things, it’s not impossible to be a friend
I CAN be your best and I’ll be here till the end

If I were forever, you would be too
Together forever – me and you…

~ Camila – MillyMoo

You make me happy

You Make Me So Happy !

I can’t believe the way you actually make me feel,
You make me so happy that I can’t believe it is real,
All the times when we talk you make me have a huge smile,
When we stop talking I still think of you for a long while,
I wish we could get closer because you make me feel great,
You make me smile early in the day and until it gets late,
It’s the things you say to me and the special looks on your face,
Since you make me so happy I have put you in a special place,
That place is my heart and there you will always be known,
I can’t wait until I talk to you again,
You can make me smile from the way you walk or stand,
It’s the little things you do; I don’t know if you understand,
You are so sweet I don’t believe your real,
I have to thank you for it all and that’s how you make me feel!

~ Yours Camila – Milly