Best part of me… u will forever be mi vida

Without saying any words,
you say everything to me

Miles apart from me,
but the closest thing to me

I cant actually see you,
but your smile is what i can see

I cant actually hear you,
but I can feel your voice next to me

Though you are in front of ur computer 😛
I feel like you are right in front of me 🙂

Hope u kno you are in my heart,
I hope you can feel and i hope u can see

I always think of you,
and i am sure that u too, think of me,

You always make me smile,
and to always make you smile and laugh… is a duty to me,

I will always be with you
and i know, with me… you will always be

this is a poem for you…
for you to see, how important you r to me 🙂

no … no need to say thanks
cause you are a apart of me

You are the best thing that has happend to me,
and the best part of me… you will forever be.

~Animoo (Moomoo)

If i were…….


If I were a star I’d sparkle like your eyes
I would look upon your life and never stop my shine

I don’t know how good at those things I could be
I’m not any of them but this I want you to see

If I were a friend I couldn’t let you down
I’d never let you fall or walk away from me with a frown

If I were a friend I would hold your hand
I would be with you always, I hope you understand

If I were a friend I would give you my all
And though it’s not much, I’ll be there when you call

If I were a friend I’d be in every memory too
When you laughed, when you cried, I’d be with you

I CAN be these things, it’s not impossible to be a friend
I CAN be your best and I’ll be here till the end

If I were forever, you would be too
Together forever – Milly And Ani moo

U R MY………….

u r my sunrise
u r my daylight
u r my night dreams
u r my peace
u r my hope
u r the sound i hear
u r the eyes i see through
u r the heart that beats in me
and ur the heart beat that keeps me alive
u r the soul that gives me like
u r the smile that shimmers on my lips
u r the happiness i wanted
u r the music i sway to
u r the lungs that i breath through
u r the feeling wen i touch anything
u r the 1 that i want in everything
u r the sweet scent wen i smell anything beautiful
for u i stay very very careful
u r the strength that keeps me walking
u r my voice that keeps me talking
u r the air that i breathe
u r the person i want to be underneath
u r the beauty of that a flower has
u r the brigtness of which a star has
u r the angel that guards me
u r a princess for me
u r my courage that keeps me working
u r my faith that keeps me hoping
u r my wish i always wanted fulfilled
u r the treasure i always made me thrilled
u r my dream that came true
with u .. anything i can go through
u r the sky which is so devine
u r my light, on me u will always shine
ur smile is my sunshine
ur happiness is my cloud nine
i your sparkling eyes i want to get lost
with out u my life is completely frost
i need you more than u can ever imagine
with you my life now has a meaning
i want to always make u happy
wen trying too hard i do sum stuff a lil crappy
so wen i do sumthing like this 
i just as u to forgive me without a bliss
i know i m stupid sumtime
but u shud know that i want ur happiness all the time
now now as u r reading these lines which are from my heart
i just never want us to be apart
sumtimes i m alike a child slightly 😀
u shud command, demand, and order me rightfully
i know i sound a lil cheezy with these words
but u know for ur happiness, i will even fight without any swords
i hope u like what i just wrote for you

~Animoo (Moomoo)

Give me a smile and i will give u my life

Give me all your sadness,
and i’ll give you all my happiness;

Give me all your tears,
and i’ll give you all my smile;

Give me all ur fears,
and i’ll give you all my courage;

Give me all your pain,
and i’ll give you away my

Give me all your weakness,
and i’ll give you all my strengths;

Give me all your stress,
and i’ll give you all my comfort;

Give me all ur nightmares,
and i’ll give you all my sleep;

Give me all ur sickness,
and i’ll give you all my all my health;

Just be with me ….
and i will give you all my life…..

~Animoo (Moomoo)

What you mean to me

What you mean to me:
You are the sun in the sky,
You are the light shining by,
You are the breeze in my hair,
You’re the life I want to share.

You are what makes my days go by,
You are the ones I’ll tell no lies
You are the ones who make me smile,
I’ll stay by you a long while.

Your smiles light up my day,
They make the darkness go away,
You’re the reason I am alive,
One day you’ll be someone’s wives

You are very special
You are apart of this special world,
I know I can’t hold you right now,
Thinking of you makes me smile.

You will be in my arms soon,
When you miss me look at the moon,
Because when I miss you I’ll do the same,
And you won’t feel any pain.

Because we know we will be together again,
To laugh, run a smile again,
I want you not to fear,
I’ll whip away ever tear.

Just remember deep in your heart,
I’m not the reason we had to part,
And that I need you more than life,
You are the angel of my life.

~ Mila

You mean so much to me

You mean so much to me, and I just wanted you to know how very much I care. You mean so much to me, you’ve helped me to find a special outlook on life that was hiding deep inside me, waiting just for someone like you to open the door and set it free. You mean so much to me, for you’ve been there, through the good times and the bad, drying the tears and holding back the loneliness. Giving me a friendly shoulder to lean on and enough smiles to last a lifetime. You mean so much to me, and I can’t help but feel as though I owe you so much more than I can ever repay. But if there’s a way, any way to hold and to help, to provide and to encourage, to give even a part of what you have blessed me with, I will be there for you. And wherever time will take us, wherever we may be, I always want you to remember how much you mean to me.

~ Mila (MillyMoo)

Unconditionally, Yours

Understand you’re in my heart
Never worry, if apart
Choose the path that suits you best
On my shoulders, leave the rest
Note the days that make you smile
Dump the others to a file
If the rains fall without fail
Talk to me and you’ll prevail
I am always by your side
Only as far as the tide
Near to you, I’ll always be
After all, you’re true to me
Leave tomorrow and its doubt
Love today and do not pout
You are special; you are wise
You are perfect, in my eyes
Our bond is closer than close
Utterly, love at its most
Right as when the eagle soars
Simply, I’m unconditionally yours!

~ Mila (MillyMoo)