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Without You There Is No Me

I will always treasure you and cherish you,
Theres nothing else i wouldn’t do.

You are the sun in my sky,
The beat in my heart,
You help me get by.

Your the one that gets me back up on my feet,
I feel so good around you,
I feel my life is complete.

I can always count on you,
To be by my side,
When I’m down and feeling blue.

You’re the one god has send,
You are the best thats happened to me,
You are the only one truest friend.

Our relationship will never go wrong,
we will always be together,
And our friendship is going to be strong.

In my life, you are a best part,
You make my life complete,
And you are the beat of my heart.

In our relationship we have a lot of pride,
Whenever your troubled,
I’ll be there by your side.

Theres so much on my our life that we can live for,
With each passing day,
I miss you even more.

When I’m not with you, it drives me insane.
And when people ask why?!,
Its hard to explain.

You, I will always protect and care,
This is a wonderful experience,
That we will always share!

Together we will go on forever and ever!,
With me and you, We’ll be together

~Animoo ( Moomoo )

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