You are my sand; you are my sea
You hold the heart that beats in me
You are my wind; you are my sun
You have been my rock since day one
I can’t believe six months have passed
Yet, what we share is meant to last
I long to see what lies ahead
Down this romantic course we tread.

You are my angel without wings
You magnify life’s simpler things
You are my jewel; you are a pearl
You are my one and only, girl
I can’t believe that you are mine
Each day, you are my Valentine
Six months ago, our path began
And, I am proud to be your man.

You are my life; you are my breath
I’ll love you ‘til there’s nothing left
Each moment that we share is grand
Our lives as blessed as God had planned
Six months ago, 7th december was the date
The day our hearts gave way to fate
Next to a mountain, I am small
But, with you, mila my love, I have it all.

I LOVE YOU  and i will always be there with you my sweetheart, mi vida, my kookoo, my millymoo
my angel, my life, my baby, my soul, my heart, my heartbeat, my breath, my need, my smile,
my happiness, my joy, my comfort, my relieve, my hope, my dreams, my strenght, my weakness,
my courage, my treasure, my most precious jewel, my eyes, my lungs, my sun, my moon,
my stars, my light, my princess, my gift, my queen, my pride, my guide, my thougts, my fate,
my destiny, my pearl, my believe, my oceans, my day, my night, my evening,

You are all i need and you are all i have mi love
Without you i cannot live a day,
And by your side i will forever stay,
holding you in my arms, protecting you with my life,
loving you forever and ever no matter what

Your’s and only yours forever
~Animoo ( Moomoo )

Happy 6 month anniversary, mi vida!

Ani, mi vida, every month that I’m with you has been better than before. It’s hard for me to even think how I could love you more. Every month you’ve graced my life has been full of happiness. I love your caring face, your voice, your tender, sweet caress. Every month when this day comes, I’m filled with love and pleasure. Happy Anniversary, my love, my joy, my delight, my treasure, my sun, my sky, my moon, my prince, my everything. I will always be with you, forever and ever. And one more thing, I love you.

~ Camila Lima (Yours MillyMoo)

Love You

I’ve often think of the question you’ve asked me.
Why do I love you? Here goes mi vida.
It’s the beauty of your smile; it’s everything that you do.
For I see happiness when I look at you.
The way you dance, your silly wink,
The way you laugh, or simply how you blink.
The love I feel when you hold me tight.
A love to keep me warm through the coldest of nights.
How you make me feel, how you open up my heart.
All the hopes that you bring right from the start.
I love you, mi animoo, in each and every way.
How you lift me up, how you gave me flight,
Forever is what I see when I look into your eyes.
My heart beats to a new rhythm, a rhythm of love.
All because of you my angel sent from above.
You’re my ray of light on those dark, gloomy days.
You are the answer to all of my prayers.
I can continue with my reasons, my list is endless.
For I love you more and more as each day progresses.
So why do I love you? Let me tell you why…
Because you’re my hopes, my dreams, my love my life.

~ Yours Camila

I Need You

I really, really love you
Is that so hard to see
Well if not, here’s a glimpse
Of what you mean to me

You’re my pillow to rest my head on
And my nightlight when I sleep
You give me substance to my dreams
And keep me grounded on two feet

You’re my sunshine in the morning
Your rays penetrate me to my core
I awaken, knowing I’ll see you today
There’s nothing else that I could want more

You’re the gentle breeze when it’s hot outside
Your touch is so refreshing to the skin
You’re the calm after the storm
When my patience has grown thin

You’re my backbone and supporter
You softly push me along
I know when I’m wrapped up in you
Noting could possibly go wrong

You’re my serenity in distress
Even if we haven’t seen each other in awhile
You can always make my day seem bright
Especially when you flash that smile

You’re my very own translator
With your sweet, solumn grace
You can tell what I’m thinking
Just by looking at my face

You’re my teddy bear in winter
When you cuddle me in your arms
You keep me warm all thru the night
And for once, I feel safe from harm

You’re my reflection in the mirror
We share so many things
Whenever I look at myself
I imagine you standing next to me

What I’m saying is with everything you are
I don’t love you cause I need you
I care so much; my love is true
And that’s the real reason I need you, I love you.

~ Camila (MillyMoo)

My secret towards you

Mi vida, now that I know you love me I have to tell you what I have always felt but I was afraid of telling you. These are the things I always wanted to say but the words doesn’t came out, and I was planning to say it all the time, now I want to share it with you, so here it goes:

There is something that I’d never felt before. Every time I’m around you I smile. Every time I’m around you I blush, cause you make me laugh, you make me think, you comfort me when time gets bad, you are my friend but I like you more than that. I like you alot more than you can even think. I know why I’m feeling this way but I just don’t want to say because I am afraid. You are the only one man that ever made me feel this way. I just can’t stop thinking about you, I think of us being more than friends I think of me kissing you, hugging you and being by your side, but theres one problem for me saying all of this cause I don’t know if you feel the same way. Just when the time is right you’ll know what I’m hiding, you’ll know my feelings toward you. I love you. Always have. Always will!”

I tryed to say it so many times, and now I feel so happy for everything that is happening between us. I just want you to know, one more time, that you are everything I need, everything I want, and now I can see that all of the things we have said and done has a meaning. I love you, you are my man, mi amor.

~ Your’s Camila