A Love Everlasting

My sweetheart,

There are no words that I can speak, no song that I can sing, and no gesture that I can show, to prove my love for you, for the love I have for you has no definition. How can I describe the sheer joy I feel with the very thought of you? How simply hearing your voice causes my heart to beat faster, my pulse to race and my smile to widen. How can just one person give me so much hope for a future I have always dreamed of? You have opened my heart and awakened my soul. You are my one and only true love. That is how I know that our love is everlasting.

Love always, MillyMoo

You Are My Life

Dear Anas my baby,

I am thinking about you. We are so close here … it’s not like I am feeling that you are far – it’s just that I want to let you know again HOW MUCH I am in love with you. I will love you forever and for always, Baby. You are a man every girl is dreaming about and that’s not all … you are all mine. I don’t know what I did good in this life to deserve you, but I have must been doing something very good in my life! Being with you makes me feel like the entire world is mine. One day we will be together … I am dreaming about that. I love you, Baby, and I am yours forever!!!

Your baby, Camila.