Mi vida,

                 Since the day you walked into my life, you filled my life with happiness, joy, care, hope, courage, and the best of all, your love for me. Every day I when I wake up from my sleep I wake up smiling and happy know that I love you and you love me. You gave me happiness that I always wished for and prayed for to god. You are everything I need and you are everything I want and everything I need for the rest of my life and for the rest of eternity. When I look into the mirror I look at my face and smile, knowing that you love me and for who I am. You held my hand and you were there for me when everyone else turned their backs on me. Since the time I wake up and to the time I sleep, (even in my sleep and my dreams), I think about you. you give me so much mi vida, you do so many things for me, some I think what did I do to deserve an angel like you, god gave me his greatest master piece ( that is you ) as a gift. Baby i need you more than I need anything in this world, I need you more than I need I need a life to live cause you are my life and I live through you. your love for me is all I need for the rest of my life and in your arms I want to be forever and ever and even wish to die in your arms.

                  Baby, I love you, I need you , I want you , I will protect you. I pledge and swear on my soul that I will always love you and only you no matter what, you are my girl, my woman, everything I need. I want to live and die in your arms mi vida. I don’t know if you will ever know how much I love you and how much I feel intense for you, I just know and I always will and you should know it too and always should that I m always with you, holding your hands hold you in my arms, protecting you, kissing your lips, singing you to sleep. If you feel the road ahead is rough I will pick you up in arms and carry you even if I have to walk on fire. Remember that I am going to walk with you forever and always know that I LOVE YOU AND ONLY YOU and that I m yours and only yours forever. No matter what … my love for you will always be for you and for no one else. I will always love you … I shout if u want me to that I love you. I love you I love u I love you,


One question


 Heheheh waiting for your answer on skype heheheheh Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah love you baby

Yours and only yours

~ANIMOO ( baby, moomoo, darling, sweetheart )