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The Day That We Met
I Looked Into Your Eyes
And Saw My Whole Life
It Caught Me By Surprise

You Helped Pick Me Up
When I Was Feeling Down
And With Just One Smile
You Turned My Life Around

We Were Only Friends
But I Wanted Something More
You Were Everything I Needed
The Only One I Really Cared For

I Had Never Knew Love
But Suddenly There Came You
Whenever You Looked In My Eyes
It Was Then That I Knew

I Had Finally Found The One
Who Was Truely Meant For Me
Deep Down Inside I Knew
Together We Had To Be

And Now That Your With Me
I Never Wanna Say Goodbye
You Send Away All My Pain
And Dry My Tears When I Cry

I Know This Love Is Real
And I’m Never Letting Go
You Mean So Much To Me
And Its More Than You Know

I’ve Never Been So In Love
I’m So Happy We Are Together
And You’ll Always Be The One
I’ll Share My Life And Eternity With You Forever

I Love You Mi amor, i love u so much baby, u cant imagine how much :*

Forever your man… always yours and loving you

~Animoo ( Moomoo, Babyboo )

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