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My Dream Come True

Like every girl I had a dream
A dream of meeting the prince of my life
It was pure coincidence we met
And we became good friends,
Soon we recognized there is a something different
One fine day it clicked
You & Me just meant for each other
Your heart is pure like gold,
Your nature is clear like water
You are so kind and gentle
I feel blessed to have you in life
You correct me when I go wrong
It’s just all your love and affection
That has made me feel proud of myself
So many years I just heard and dreamt about love
And when I met you it was worth my dream
Today I thank God that he gifted me a gem
A gem that is you
I got my prince forever, whom I am proud of
Forever, Forever…

I love you and ONLY you and I will love you FOREVER for all eternity baby! I am yours.

Yours and only yours forever, Camila Lima (MillyMoo)


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