Embrace me

Embrace me in your arms,
So I can smell your sweet skin again,
So I can touch your soft face,
And peer into your gorgeous brown eyes.

Embrace me in your arms,
So I finally don’t feel alone,
So I can let go of everything else,
And only let you into my mind.

Embrace me in your arms,
So the tears stop falling,
So everything bad disappears,
And I can let a smile take place.

Embrace me in your arms,
So I can hold your hands,
So I can feel your warmth,
And realize how lucky I am


mwaaaaaaaaah i love u so much mi vida

U r my everything baby

I love u and only u and i will love u forever for all eternity baby

i m all yours and you are all mine

stay with me and hold me close forever

I am always with u baby.. forever…

holding u in my arms and embracing u

Yours and only yours

~Animoo (Moomoo, your forever )

If i were…!!

If I were the moon,
I would light a path to my heart
when you’re feeling dark and stormy
and your world is falling apart.

If I were the rain,
I would wash away your doubt.
Flood your world with happiness
and show you what love is about.

If I were the sun,
I would dry up all your tears,
your loneliness with despair
and all your remaining fears.

If I were the wind,
I would blow you a kiss.
Tug on your heart
I love you so much and how much i miss.

If I were the cold,
I would freeze you for the day.
Sit and admire your beauty
in every possible way.

But I’m just a man.
A lover, and friend.
The love I feel for you doesn’t have
an end.

I love u Mi vida

i love you and only you and i will love u FOREVER for all eternity baby!!! mwaaaaaaaaaah

Yours and only yours forever

~Animoo (Moomoo, your prince)

i will paint our love

I will paint our love
With the colors of the rainbow
As clear as the raindrops
With the golden frames of moonlight and stars at night

I will paint our love
With the waves of our heartbeats
With the glow of your smiling eyes
As beautiful as your voice when you sing

I will paint our love
It may look nostalgic and ironic
Like I painted a rose in blue
No one could understand, only me and you

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
Our portrait of love will be forever all the away
Coz we will be together and love each other for eternity

and forever togeher we will stay

I love u mi chweetoo :*:*:*:* i love u so much baby

Yours and only yours forever

~Animoo (Moomoo, Mr Smith)

I want only you baby!!!


This poem is for the one I love
This poem is only for you
To tell you how much I love you
And cannot think of life without you

I want the time to stop
I want the oceans to crawl
To make the moments special
The moments I have with you

When we hold hands, when we walk together
When we talk of things that always matter
The peace in your voice, the love in your eyes
Make those moments special, and is my only Treasure

You are not my way to happiness
You are happiness for me
And I know you respect my feelings
That makes me want nothing but you

Sit beside me and be my life
Help me to sail through this journey of life
Be yourself and be my world
For I want nothing but you the way you are…

I want you forever and ever

I will be with you forever and ever

I love you forever and ever mi amor

I am your’s and you are mine forever and ever

I love you and only you and i will love you forever for all eternity baby !!

~Animoo (Moomoo , baby)