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Camila and Anas forever together
I’ve never before felt this strong feeling ever
Let me prove to you in these words how I feel
Then in reality I’m sure time will all reveal

All the nights I asked God finally my dream came true
Now for the rest of my days I want to share with you
I have come to realize you’re my only one
You have made me the person I have become

You’ve proven your love for me numerous times
Now I hope to return the favour in these lines
Never think that we are miles apart
Cause there is no distant between our hearts

Bad times we been through but things work themselves out
Happiness and care is what true love is all about
Never in this lifetime will we find ourselves apart
We promised us to each other at the start

i will never lie alone at night and I’ll never fall apart
I hope you know you got the keys to my heart
Say goodbye to lonely days and to the lonely nights
I’m here to make you smile and scare away your frights

You walked right into this lonely heart of mine
Now we’ve fallen madly in love for all of Time
You are my dream come true, you and I belong together
Now and through all our days and eternity we will share forever

I love u so much and i only love u and i’ll love u forever for all eternity mi vida:*:*:*


you are mine forever mi vida
and i m Your’s and only yours forever
~Anas Ahmed ( Animoo, Moomoo, Babyboo )

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