Let Me Be The One

Baby, let me be the one that you open up your heart to.

Let me be the one to erase all the others mistakes and heal your heart with the loving things that I do.

Let me be the one that shows you real love.

Let me be the one that gives you head that feels so good it brings tears to your eyes.

Let me be the one that gives you support and when you’ve had a bad day calm you down and give you back rubs when you need it.

Let me be the one that you want to spend a lifetime.

Let me be the one that you can’t ever seem to get off your mind.

Let me be the one that stops you from being a player in the game.

Let me be the one that with the thought of not having my love would drive you insane.

Let me be the only one that causes your nature to rise.

Let me be the one you call your baby.

Let me be the one to love you the way you’ve never been loved before.

Let me be the one whose love you’ll never have to question cause you’ll already know.

Let me be the one you’ll call your bestfriend and your lover.

Let me be the one that you’ll choose over any other.

… So …

Let me be your sun,

I will shine when day is done.

Let me be the one.

Baby I Love you, hold me when I tell you, I got this feeling baby, that I just can’t hide! Just wanna be your lover, just wanna be the one. Let me be your lover, let me be the one!

You are mine forever! And I am yours and only yours!

I      LOVE     YOU

Yours sweetheart, baby, millymoo, everything … Camila Lima.

Love of My Life

Like the stars in the sky,
I am calling to you.

From the heavens above,
I am looking for you.

In the depths of my soul,

I will live and breathe for you.

Sadness dwells inside you;
you have nothing to fear,

for I am next to you.
I can feel your sadness;

Let me be sad for you,
so you will feel love once again.

Worry not about life,
let me worry for you.

You should always love life,
for it is a part of you.

I’ll be there when you fall,
to catch you and say I Love You…

Baby I love you! Always have, Always will!

Your baby Camila.

My Love Is Where You Are

If I could catch a million stars,
I know just what I’d do,
I’d arrange them on a paper,
And sing them back to you.

If I could give you gifts of gold,
I’d have each one inscribed,
With a special memory,
That I hold, dear, inside.

I’d give you everything you’d want,
Or you could ever need,
But that would never measure,
All you’ve given me.

With honesty and compassion,
You lend a tender ear.
And when I look into your eyes,
My troubles disappear.

But, I am not a rich girl,
Nor lucky enough to catch a star,
I can only give you one thing…
All that’s in my heart.

This is something you’ll never be without,
Whether you are near or far,
For it is a simple but precious gift.
My love is where you are.

I need you, I miss you, I love you Anas mi amor!

E U     T E      A M O

Your baby forever, Camila Lima.

My One And Only

Since the day we first met,
I knew it was love,
God answered my prayers,
you came down from above…

You gave me your heart,
and taught me to trust,
for the first time ever,
it was more than just lust…

Your sweet loving words,
are not to be compared,
I am forever your partner,
my soul I have bared…

Every day I wake up,
with a smile a mile long,
I know that we are solid,
I know that we are strong…

So never put into question,
my feelings being true,
because I have found my one and only,
And I will always love you.

I love you mi amor!

Yours and only yours forever Camila Lima.

Baby I promise …

I will love you with all my heart,
To have forever – never to part.
This is a promise engrained in me,
Take my hand and let it be.
I will go to the ends of the earth if that is what you need,
Just say yes and let your soul take the lead.
This is a promise at the core of me,
Kiss my lips and let this be.
I will wipe your tears with no questions asked,
No more will your feelings be masked.
This is a promise I make to you,
Look into my eyes and follow through.
I will know how to hold you just by the look in your eye,
I will never forget – not even on the day that I die.
This is a promise of my passion for you,
smile at me and make it true.
I will support you even when I cannot support myself anymore,
I will dig deeper and find the hidden strength at my inner core.
This promise means I sacrifice all of me for you,
Understand this- and make our lives anew.
I will love you with everything so deep inside,
And to only you – this gift I shall confide.
This is a promise so incredibly real,
kiss me my love and you shall feel.

ANAS my baby I love you, I will never get tired of saying. I love you. Eu te amo. Forever and ever for all eternity! I promise baby to be with you until the end of the days, I promise to love you and support you in everything you do. I swear these things on my life. I love you Anas and forever I will no matter what!

Your baby Camila.

The Love Of My Life

I always dreamed of the day I’d meet the one.
The day that my Romeo would sweep my away.
But I never thought it would actually be.
It was just a dream.
A fantasy so far off that would never come true.
I prayed that you would come.
That God would send the only one that I’d ever need.
The only one that would ever make me feel special.

So I waited.
I waited with hope.
Hope that I’d be given the gift to love and to be loved.
And then that day in sweet december.
Oh, that day I’ll never forget.
It was when all my hopes, dreams, and prayers came true.
The day when you left everyone just to be with me.
Why me? I had to ask myself.
Then I realized you were the one.
The one who would encourage me, charish me, and love me till the end.

You just can’t imagine the way you make me feel.
It’s a feeling I just can’t explain.
The feeling I get whenever I look at you,
Hear your name, or feel the slightest touch of your hand.
I love the way you look at me, and the way you make me smile.
I especially love the way you place your hands around my waist and softly tickle until I get chills.
I just wonder if your hands could feel the butterflies I get while they were there.
And I can’t forget your gentle kiss.
Your lips softly kissing my back.
I wanted that moment to last forever.
And your brown eyes.
Looking in them I get lost in my thoughts.
It all seems so perfect.

I can’t wait until we finally belong to each other.
The day we both say “I do”.
And the gift that we will exchange.
The gift we’ve saved our whole lives to give that special one.
So forever you will be my one and only.
The one and only love of my life.

Baby you are mine forever, and I am yours.

I love you, Anas, with all my heart! You are my Romeo …

Your baby Camila.

This Is For You

Let me lie in your arms tonight
So you can love me for the rest of our lives
Let you brighten the way with your eyes
And keep this love we share alive.

Let me feel the tenderness of you heart
With the hope that we will never be apart
Baby, it was magical from the start
Cause we are this painting of art.

This is for you
All my emotion inside
Love that will never die
This is for you
Can’t put it in words
You are my world
This is for you.

Let me see how much you care
The love with me you want to share
Splitting with you I cannot bare
Taking that road I will not dare.

Let me know what I mean to you
Cause I believe that our love is true
Hope that you feel the same way to
And loving you is all I want to do.

Just give me your heart
And I’ll hold it tight
All of your love
I’ll make it all right.

I love you baby!

I         L O V E       Y O U

Yours forever, Camila Lima.

To The One I Love

Babyboo, from the very day we met
It seems I never could forget.
The wonders of your loving heart
And the feeling I get that well never part.

Mi amor I think about you all the time.
And cant believe youre actually mine.
The love I have for you is real.
And as I say this I start to kneel.

Baby I take your hand and squeeze it tight
And look into your loving eyes.
Now I have figured out
That you, are my greatest prize.

Anas I want to say I love you
But really don’t know how
The only time I’ve felt this way
Is right here and now.

Mi vida now the time has come at last
I hope it doesn’t go by too fast
You have filled the void in my heart
And I really don’t know where to start.

Annu I guess I’ll just have to come out and say
That I love you more each night and day
You’re love for me is all I need
And more than I can stand

Prince I hope that you will take my hand
As I slip on your finger, this little band
It has no beginning, and it has no end
Just like my love for you, my very best friend

Animoo now I have to take a chance
And tell you after all this romance
I want you always by my side
And so I ask you to be my life.

I love you mi amor, I need you and I want you!

You are everything I need!

Your baby, Camila.

You Are My Dream Come True

Annu, always in my heart
you make me feel more loved
than I’ve ever felt
and happier than I’ve ever dreamed.
The love and understanding you have
is something I have searched for
my entire life.
Always in my happiest
and saddest moments,
you are my best friend and confidante.
I come to you for everything,
and you listen to me without judgment.

Always, deep within my soul,
I know we have a love like no other.
What we share is something others
only hope for and dream of,
but few ever experience.
Our love is magical beyond belief.
Always, without hesitation,
you give of yourself completely.
You have reached the very depths of my soul,
bringing out emotions I never knew I had
and unveiling an ability to love
I never thought possible.

Always and forever
you will be my dream come true,
the one I have waited for all these years.
From now until the end of time,
I will love only you.
We will be together always.

Baby I love you and only you and I will Love you forever for all eternity!

Anas you are my dream come true baby. You are my prince, my king my all.

EU TE AMO, Yours Camila.

You Are The One


I try to find the words
to express the feeling in my heart;
I try to show you that I care,
but I don’t know where to start.
I guess I’ll start right here
and I guess I’ll start right now.
I’ll tell you that I love you
and I’ll tell you why and how.

You are the one I want to lay next to
when my time has passed.
You are the one I’ve given myself to
and you will be the last.
You are the one I want for life,
until the day I die.
You are the one God sent for me,
to be with me, and that is no lie.
You are the one who brightens my day,
with your smile bright and glowing.
You are the one whom I wake up for
each and every morning.

I love you, mi amor! You’re my everything!

Yours and only yours forever Camila Lima