I belong to you honey

Camila baby.. i just want you to know that i belong to you and you belong to me baby. I love you so much mi vida, and i will love you and only you , forever and ever for all my life and all my eternity baby. you are my everything mi amor. Camila honey i cannot live without u even for a second. i cannot imagine my life without u sweetheart. i love you from all my heart and soul. i will hold you in my arms forever and i will never let you go. baby i will make your every dream your every wish your every dream come true baby and i will make u the happiest person. for in your happiness is mine baby. you are my LIFE camila. you are my future. forever and for all eternity .. CAMILA AND ANAS WILL BE TOGETHER. I love you more than anything baby.. more than you can ever imagine :*:*:*:* more than the ‘SKIES IN THE STAR’ ūüėõ hehehehe ūüėÄ

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MI AMOR and I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER FOR ALL ETERNITY BABY… you are all mine mi amor .. and i thank god for it with my every breath. mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i love u Honey

Yours and only yours forever

~Syed Anas Ahmed ( millymoo’s animoo… camila’s monkey in the zoo ūüėÄ )

You are my Dream come true

Sweetheart, mi amor, mi vida, my everything

All the nights I asked God and finally my dream came true
Now for the rest of my days I want to share with you
I have come to realize you’re my only one
You have made me the person I have become

You’ve proven your love for me numerous times
Now I hope to return the favour in these lines
We shall never find our selves apart
We won’t be distant within our hearts

Bad times we been through but things work themselves out
Emotional yet so obsessed is what true love is all about
Never in this lifetime and eternity will we find ourselves apart
We promised us to each other from the very start

Nights when I lie alone and I’m falling apart
I hope you know you got the keys to my heart
Say goodbye to lonely days and to the lonely nights
I’m here to make you smile and scare away your frights

You walked right into this lonely heart of mine
Now we’ve fallen madly in love just in the Nick of Time
You are my dream come true, you and I belong together
Now and through all our days we will share forever



Yours and only yours

~Syed Anas Ahmed (Animoomoo, The one whose living in your heart )

You are so special to me baby

Camila Baby

The day I met you
I found an¬†angel¬†–
And a love of my life
A love so strong and has no end.

Your smile – so sweet
And so bright –
Kept me going
When day was as dark as night.

You never ever judged me,
You understood my sorrow.
Then you told me it needn’t be that way
And gave me the hope of a better tomorrow

You were always there for me,
I knew I could count on you.
You gave me advice and encouragement
Whenever I didn’t know what to do.

You helped me learn to love myself
You made life seem so good.
You said I can do anything I put my mind to
And suddenly I knew I could.

There were times when we didn’t see eye to eye
And there were days when both of us cried.
But even so we made it through:
Our Love shall never die.

This Love we share
Is so precious to me,
Ans it grows and flourishes
And lasts unto infinity.

You are the most special to me
And so this to you I really must tell:
You are my one and only love,
You are my Angel.

Our relationship and love is one-in-a-million
So let’s hold on to it and hold¬†each other.
You are the only one for me and from you i cannot be away
For there will never be another.

I love you Camila.
I Love you and only you mi amor, and i will love you forever for all my life and eternity baby.

Holding you in my arms forever Baby and i will never let you go.

for in your arms i have found my home

Yours and only Yours forever and ever

Anas Ahmed ( Animoo, moomoo, baby, your forever love )

I love you


You make me feel special, like I’m your one and only. You make me feel like I’m a star in the sky lighting up your life. You make me feel safe when I’m near you, wrapped up in your arms. You make me feel like an angel from heaven because you never stop telling me how much you love me. You’re always lighting up my heart with the things you do and say. I feel so happy just being with you this way. You’re my baby, and will forever be my baby. You’ll will always be the love of my life.

Yours and only yours forever, Camila Lima (millymoo)