You complete me

Baby in my dreams you were my only desire
In my life till now you have been my one inspire
In my heart I hold this love so open and strong
I have never thought of anyone else all yearlong

When you are far no where near out of touch
At night I’ve never dreamed of anyone this much
When you’re close and I feel your gentle kiss
And when you leave its all of you that I miss

In your heart and soul I will forever confide
Baby in our time together we could never divide
Its your everything that makes my life complete
Its everything we share that makes me heart beat

For you I’d do anything, never make you wait
Whatever the time, place, and even the date
Baby your name is engraved on my heart
My heart longs for you each time you depart

You’re my everything that will forever remain
Our love story would be so easy to explain.

You are the love of my life, my dream come true.

My man, my love, my Anas, my honey, my prince, my moomoo, my puppy, my animoo, my baby, my babyboo, mi amor, mi vida, mi tudo, my babii, my monkey in the zoo :D, my heart beat, my wish, my dream, my fantasy, my sweetheart, my baby. I love you with all my heart.

I love you, always have, always will.

Yours and only yours forever, baby Camila.