Ti amo


Happiness does last forever, I know,
I want people know it is because I have you in my life.
I hope to make a love poem for other people to read,
Because it will be the only way they will find out and see.

To let them know that you are more than the poetry I wrote everyday,
A special poem that captures my heart.
Giving so much happiness and inspirations each day,
So blessed to have you here in my life right now.

Love me as I love you forever more,
This is the promise we made from each other.
That love is possible and it can be,
You are the poem that will last forever.

I love you, three little words I always want to tell you.
You are like a dream a come true to me.
Without you, I don’t think I can live.
You are the love of my life forever.

I love you and only you and I will love you forever and ever for all my life and eternity!

Yours, Camila Lima (Babyboo)