I love you more than anything in this world ♥

Anas mi amor, for as long as the stars exist, I will be by your side. I will be more than just a lover, I will be your friend and guide. My heart will always carry you with tender loving care sweetheart. I’d do anything for you and for the precious love we share. You will never have to be alone. I will be there to calm your fears baby. I will be by your side through happiness and tears. And as surely as the sun rises, my heart will be true, because for as long as forever, I will love you mi amor.

Baby I live to be with you, to gaze into your beautiful eyes. I want to be with you every day, and hold you close in the morning when you arise mi vida. I never knew the meaning of happiness until I met you. I never knew the beauty of the words, “I love you.” Some might say our love is all wrong, but they’ve never heard the beauty of our song babe.  I’m happily lost to sweet dreams of you as I imagine our days ahead. When you entered my life your bright light touched something deep inside of me, and all the darkness in my heart swiftly fled. And now I look forward to each sunset spent with you, and I want you to know that every memory of you will be a gift I’ll always treasure and keep mi amor. I want to be with you babe  for the rest of your life, and hold you tight every night when you close your eyes to sleep.

My sweetheart I ache for your touch. I crave your loving embrace. There are so many hills to climb together and dreams to chase. I love everything about you babe, your soothing voice, your endless grace and beauty. I live for your love, my heart’s treasured duty. I will never get enough of you. I am lost when your lips meet mine, carried away by thoughts of the most romantic kind, I am the chalice and you the wine. I want to know if you hope, if you care, if you dream, if you dare…to give us a try? I know you do. I know your heart beat in union with mine.

Anas babe I long for your kisses, to feel your heart beat next to mine. I long for your love, so sweet and divine. I want you to hold me, and whisper in my ear babe. I yearn to touch you and feel you near. Anas I miss you more than I could ever say, and I think of you a million times each day. And I want you to know that I carry your love with me wherever I go.

And baby, there were times when I needed your strength in order to walk. There were times when I needed your vision in order to see myself. There were times when I needed your light in order to find my dreams. There were times when I needed your love, and you pulled me so close that I could feel the warmth of your heart. And do you know what? There will never be a time when I don’t need you babe, because you are the one that I’ll always love.

My future husband I was so alone that I didn’t know what to do. I was lost to despair…and then came you. You dispelled the darkness of a life that was harsh and unkind, and you gave me the strength to leave the shadows behind. Anas your every word holds magic that makes my heart shine, and I’m so thankful for the day I met you.

Honey I love the way you visit each night and fill my dreams with desire. I love the way you touch my hand and fill my soul with fire babe. I love the way you draw me near for a warm embrace. I love the way I close my eyes and see your smiling face. I love the way your lips meet mine for a passionate kiss. I love the way just thinking of you fills my heart with bliss. I love you mi amor, you are my desire, my wish and my dream come true.


Yours and only yours forever, Camila Lima (Your girl)