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I will Love you till the day i die, and even after that!!

I swear by my life and by who made the bird fly
that am gonna love you till the day i die
am deep in the air which you breathe in
i wanna yell from your love & in everywhere i make din

When you look into my eyes,my heart says i love you & i can’t hide
i can leave all the world & even my soul behind
i just wanna hear it from you once again
i wanna hear you love me too to remove all my pain 

When i feel sadness in your heart
i feel you as I’ve the same hurt
when you laugh or your eyes smile
as i saw the sun when it gives the sky its shiny while

When you call me baby, i forget even myself
i just love you more than love itself
when you are away from me
i cannot without you and i know this you see

Promise me that you’ll never let me down
and you’ll be my everything & will never leave me alone in the town
i belong to you when i found my heart in the touch of your hand
in the kiss of your lips and in the hug of your arms

I love you with every piece of my heart mi amor

I Love you madly my Mila Babe
I Love you with All my heart, my mind, my body and soul babez

My heart beats for you and only you my Mimmy

Yours and only Yours forever and ever
~Anas Ahmed ( Animoo, Babyboo, Moomoo, Babez, Monkey in the zoo, Puppy )

One response to “I will Love you till the day i die, and even after that!!

  1. Lilslirk

    You paint my life with your beautiful colors.
    You make me happier than I ever was or
    ever can be. I am addicted to your love. I
    love you more than you will ever know.


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