Anas I Love You ♥

Anas, when I look into your eyes,
I can feel eternity.
It shows, no surprise,
That we were meant to be. 

Anas, with every single kiss,
There’s a flutter in my heart.
Feeling’s I can’t dismiss.
God’s work of fine art.

Anas, every warm embrace,
Gives me an emotional high.
A love as delicate as lace,
But strong enough to never die.

Anas, whenever I see your smile,
My heart melts inside.
More beautiful than The Emerald Isle.
Together our souls are tied

Anas, each time I hear you voice,
The words “I Love You” sound so sweet.
My soul begins to rejoice.
Without you, I would be incomplete.

Anas, with you by my side
I can conquer my fears. 

Anas, with you by my side
I can let go of my past.

Anas, with you by my side
I can reach for the stars,

Anas, with you by my side
My poetry flows.

Anas, with you by my side
Forever looks like an obtainable goal.

Anas, with you by my side
Love seems easy.

Anas, with you by my side
I can do anything I put my mind to.

Anas, with you by my side
I am not afraid of my tears.

Anas, with you by my side
I know I will have a good life.

Anas, with you by my side
Anything is possible
with you by my side I can do anything.

Anas, I think about you
and I think about me
loving you forever
is all I can see 

Anas, we’ll be married soon
and I’m nervous its true
I know I’m going to love
spending the rest of my life with you.

Anas, for such a long time
my heart was an empty place
but you took my heart and
filled that lonly space.

Anas, husband and wife
don’t that sound nice to you?
loving eachother
in everything we do!

Anas, thank you for loving me
and showing that you care
I’ll love you in return
and I’ll always be there.

Anas, when you need me the most
right beside you I’ll be
trust me with your heart
and put all your faith in me.

Anas, I’ll tell you this much
I will never let you down
and I’ll do what it takes
even if it means watching the browns.

Anas, I love you so much baby
and I’ll always be by your side
and hopefully I can make you proud
and be a loving bride.

Anas, I hope this poem
explains just how much
that I love you
and will be a great honor
to stand and say I do.

Anas, I know loving me isn’t the easiest thing in your life. And I know at times I may not be the best wifey. We may argue at times for the littlest things. But that doesn’t change the happiness you bring.

Anas, I’ve said some stupid things before.
And I’m glad you didn’t lead me to the door.
Cause I don’t know what I would have done.
If I had to live my life without the One (You)

Anas, only if you knew how special you are to me,
How you’ve taken me to a place I never knew I could be.
And I’m very thankful that I have you.
The best thing will happen when we became one, no longer two.

Anas, a new beginning I’m ready to start.
where we’ll never be part, at least not in my heart.
I hope you never doubt my love for you.
Cause everything I say, its more than true.

Anas, until death do us part, be at my side.
Cause I want you right here for the journey ride.
Be my friend, my husband, and my king.
Be my lover and please be my everything.

Anas, that’s why meeting you December 7th 2009 I’ll never regret.
Because that’s the day we got together and I never want to forget.
Now it is only about You & Me
And I’m ready to show, how much I love thee.

Anas mi amor I love you more than anything in this world and I just can’t wait for the day when we will be together as one. I promise you that I will make you happy … you deserve it cause you are the perfect person I’ve ever seen, you are the one who completes me, you are the love of my life, my man, my dream come true. Soon, very soon we will be Husband and Wife. Eu te amo, baby.

Yours and only yours forever and ever, Camila Lima (Mimmy angel)