The Man of my Dreams ♥

Let my heart talk without talking
Let my soul sing you a song
Let every inch of my body
Let you know,
How I have been waiting for you for so long
Without even knowing so,

Every thing in life I have come across,
Since the day I met you, it seems
To let me know
How lucky I am,
Because I have found the man of my dreams,
So please don’t ever, ever let me go.

I have discovered the best of things
This life could offer a girl like me
For I know now
that only you, can show me how,
to be who I always wanted to be.
It takes a man like you
To make a woman of a little girl,
Save her, and show her the world.
And that is what I found on you,
With you I can learn to do,
Things I have never even thought I could do.
Just after my world turned up side down,
When I felt all helpless, hopeless and bound
You have come to turn my life around
And to show me that my life is still worth living.

So Please, take over my world,
And make of it what you will,
And don’t ever let anyone destroy,
What you have already started to build,
And even after you have done,
What you have come into my life to do,
There is no doubt, that stil,
I will always,
Always love you,
Not only for being who you are,
But for being the man of my dreams.


I love you madly Anas my boo … you are my everything, my dream come true, my prince, my king, my man. I love you with all my heart, my mind, my body and my soul. Te amo Anas.

Yours and only yours forever, Camila Lima (Babyboo, Mimmy Wifey, Millymoo)

To the man that has stolen my heart ♥

My Heart Was Broken and Would Never Mend…
My Mind Was Closed to Ever Love Again…

I Could Only Hope That God Would Get Me Through…
That Never Happened Until He Brought Me You.

Although We Met Over One Year Ago…
Your Eyes, Your Smile, I Just Couldn’t Let Go…

We Ran Into Each Other From Time to Time…
But You’d Just Go Your Way and I’d Go Mine…

Little Did I Know You Were There to See Me…
I Was Wanting You Too So How Could This Be…

Each Time I Seen You I Hoped and Prayed…
That One Night You’d Tell Me You Felt the Same Way

Then on that July’s Night I was Surprised to Find
We were Looking For Each Other at the Same Time

Little Did We Know God Was Walking Us Through…
So You Would Find Me and I Would Find You…

Not Only in Passing Do I See Your Sweet Face..
I Now Can Touch it and Feel Your Warm Embrace…

I Knew When I Met You You Were The One For Me…
You’re So Much More Than I Ever Hoped U’d Be …

So Amazingly Beautiful You’ve Stolen My Heart…
Prayed For You Each Day As I Have From The Start

We Belong Together For I Believe This is True …
He Made Us For Each Other Before We Ever Knew…

My Precious Anas You’re My Dream Come True…
I’m Completely Opening My Heart to No One But You


Anas My Darling, You Are The Only One for Me! I Completely Belong To You. I am Yours Forever. Eu Te Amo Anas My Baby. Be Mine Forever!

Yours and only yours forever, Camila Lima (The king’s future wife)