When You came Tonight!!!

When you came tonight,
And your beautiful eyes gazed at me from the darkness within,
The world around me came to a stop,
For just a few seconds, as I saw the love from within you.

You looked at me with your warm smile, your black hair around your face,
And whispered softly, “hi baby”, and once again, I was at your mercy.
For when you look into my soul and I hear the sound of your sweet voice,
My heart opens to you my love, with all of my dreams now fulfilled.

I never knew that a love like this could ever exist, a love that consumes me,
A love so powerful, and so overwhelming, that I fear if I were without it,
My heart would no longer have a meaning to its existence,
For the love that flows through it now, is what keeps me alive, keeps me whole.

As I gaze into your eyes my love, down into the depths of your very being,
I can see the love you feel for me, a love as strong as my own,
A love that fills me so full of emotion, so full of hope for the future,
That I pray I will spend the rest of my days, gazing into your eyes.

I love you mi amor
And all I want is to spend the rest of my days Loving You
All I want is to be Yours forever and ever mi amor
I love you madly Mila my angel,
And all I need is you baby



Yours and only yours forever and ever
~Anas Ahmed (Nanasss baby, your hubby, Your man, Your soulmate)

The Way I love you ….

To describe the way I love you no words can do it right,
The depth of my love is forever and despite.
Though we argue… it remains unending
I never could imagine the greatness of this feeling.

You bring me such joy and in a sense I could never
Thank you enough for making me believe in forever.
I find safety in your arms and can’t understand why
You’re able to make me laugh every time that I cry.

I think of you as a partner, a soulmate and a friend
I love you to know that I love you you without any end.
Not today, nor tomorrow even After the day when we die
Because no other circumstance will make me say goodbye.

I believe in heaven now, if I didn’t before
You’re nothing less than an angel and I love you more
And more each day. My heart will eternally play this game.
And with every beat it takes, it beats your name

I love you madly mi amor
I love you more than anything this world my Babyboo
Camila baby you are my everything


yours and only yours forever and ever
~Anas Ahmed( Animoo, Moomoo, Nanasss, Hubby, Baby )

When I close my eyes.. I see You Mila baby

I close my eyes, And I see your face,
I feel your touch, Your warm embrace.

I hear your voice, You whispers so,
Says i’ll never Let you go

I’ll run my fingers Through your hair,
Caresses your skin, My touch so fair

As the song plays I hold you so tight,
As we slow dance In a room of candlelight

And then you presses your lips to mine,
Your body quivers With feelings divine

When i saw you and what do i see,
A heavenly angel that was meant for me

Then as you look up, With my love so true,
I see your sweet smile, And I reach out to you

You gladly reach back, With your arms open wide,
The moment stands still, A love frozen in time

You are the woman, Of which I had dreamed,
I’ve waited forever, Or so it has seemed

To share these feelings, So pure, so true
I want to shout it out loud…


I always have
And I always and forever will baby

I love you and only you
and I will love you forever and ever
for all my life and eternity babyboo

You are my Life,
my soul,
You are the reason for my living
You are my GIRL

Yours and only yours forever and ever
~Anas Ahmed ( Babyman, Your soulmate, your life partner, your future husband )

I have this Dream…

I have this dream,
a dream i never had until i met you,
i see into the future and i see a child
standing before me waving at me.

I smile and wave at him,
seems so happy to see me…
and then i see you standing behind him,
watching the child with such a look of
love and caring it brings me to my knees.

I look further,
your pregnant with another,
and oh how beautiful you look!
I make my way towards you,
entranced by the scene.
You say my name and then i realize…

These are my kids,
and you are my wife,
and i have the most beautiful family in the world.
I am filled with such joy and such happiness
that i wake up with tears in my eyes…

Soon I know that this dream will come true
Camila my angel, I do and i always will madly Love you


All i want is to soend the rest of my life and eternity WITH U BABY

mi vida 🙂 You are my only one dream,
You are my only one purpose,
You are my only one need,
You are my only one desire,
You are my only one plan,
You are my future,


yours and only yours forever~
Anas Ahmed ( Moomoo, Boo, Babyboo, Monkey in the zoo, Futuro marido )

We are made for each other babe

We are made
for each other Mila my baby



When God made you
I have do doubt that
He knew exactly the time
and place where you
and I would meet…

When God made the two of us,
He knew what was good for us.
He already knew the deepest secrets
between us:
The way our hearts would beat,
echoing each other’s hopes
and dreams;
The way our minds would merge,
growing wiser and stronger;
and the way our spirits would mingle,
creating intimacy that lingers into
every part of our lives.

The way we have connected
goes beyond reason or season.
It is a bond of truth and warmth,
created on a foundation of love.
It is a bond held together in closeness
by sincere faith and hope,
a relationship that will last for eternally.

Every day, in every way,
I am so thankful for you.
You are my muse,
my love,
my best friend
and I know you are a diamond
sent from heaven to touch my spirit
and remind me what is truly real
and genuine
Love that is unconditional.

Thank you boo
for being who you are,
my once-in-a-lifetime wish
upon a star,
the one who knows who I am
and loves me without limits.

I love you
I always have
I always will
I love you madly
I love you like crazy
I love you like nothing comparable
I love you more than anything measurable
I love you and I swear I FOREVER WILL BABY

Yours and truely forever yours
~Anas Ahmed ( Animoo, Moomoo, Babyboo, future husband of Camila lima )

As Long As

As long
as the sun raises…
As long as
the stars
comes out at night…
As long as
the earth
stays with the moon…
I love you.

As long
as I can dream…
As long as
I can think…
As long as
I have a breath
to speak your name…
I love you.

As long
as I have eyes
to see…
As long
as I have ears to
As long
as I have blood
in my veins…
I love you.

As long
as I have a heart
to feel…
A passion
that stirs within me…
And arms
to hold you tight…
I love you.

As long
as there is time…
As long
as there is love…
As long
as there is you…
And as long
as I live…
l love you.

With all my heart,
and soul,

I love you for who you are
and with all I am,
I love you and thats all I know how to do
I love you and forever and ever I will be loving you

Mila Eu Te Amo

~Anas Ahmed ( Your prince, Future husband of an angel named Camila Lima )

You are an angel in disguise

I am so thankful to have a lover
and a best friend like you.
And I hope you’ll never forget
just how special you are…
in my eyes and in my heart.

I cant find the words
to express how much
you mean to me.
You inspire me so much
with the things you do.
Your beautiful qualities have made
a lasting impression on me
that I will admire for as long as I live.

You give me so much to be thankful for.

I’m overwhelmed by your generosity
and beautiful spirit.
You have wisdom that goes beyond
your words,
a sweetness that goes
beyond your smile,
and a precious heart
of pure gold.

Having someone like you in my life is like
having a wish come true.

You’re like the answer
to a special prayer.
And I think God knew
that my world needed
someone exactly like you.

You’re like an angel in disguise,
and I will always love you
and appreciate you.
Your love is a priceless gift
beyond any measure.

You are All I Need
You are All I Want
You are All I Desire
You are All I wish for
You are All I dream About
With You are my only plans
With You I am complete
You are my All
You are my everything
I cannot live without you mi amor my Mila baby


Yours and only yours forever and ever
~Anas Ahmed ( Your Man, Your strength, Your Courage )

I knew I was Touched by your love

I knew I had been touched
by your love…
the first time I saw you
we just clicked
and everything felt so exciting
and so right between us
that it’s like we were destined
to find each other.

I knew I had been touched
by your love…
cuz everyday all I do
is think of you
and missing you terribly
when we are apart.

I knew I had been touched
by your love…
when I was down
you came along
and made my cloudy day
go away.

I knew I had been touched
by your love…
when I quit making plans
with my friends
and started dreaming dreams
with you.

I knew I had been touched
by your love…
when I stopped thinking
in terms of “Me”
and started thinking
in terms of “We.”

I knew I had been touched
by your love…
when suddenly I couldn’t make
decisions by myself anymore,
and I had this strong desire
To share everything with you.

I knew I had been touched
by your love…
the first time we slept together
and I knew I wanted
to stay with you forever…
and my feelings for you
grows stronger

and deeper…

because everyday

I find myself falling

in love

with you.



Yours and only yours forever
~Anas Ahmed ( Animoo, Moomoo, Booboo, Future Hubby )


A Gift From Heaven

A gift from heaven
I prayed from above
That one day to find
My one true love

My soul so warm
And learns to grow
And a gift from God
I received below

A flower so beautiful
Your one of a kind
A love so pure
Most will never find

A gift from God
You are to me
Someone to love
And to make happy

I pray to God
One day you’ll see
My love for you
Will always be

Eu Te Amo

Yours and only yours forever, Camila Lima (millymoo)


I promise to never stop smiling
I promise to never stop laughing
I promise to never stop having a good time 

A promise made is a promise had
Once I keep this promise you’ll be glad

I promise to always be sarcastic
I promise to always be realistic
I promise to always be there to change your mind

A promise made is a promise given
Once I keep this promise you’ll be seein

Please, just listen to these chords
And know that I am always yours
If you can keep these promises too
the I know I was meant for you.


Yours and only yours forever, Camila Lima