My Baby, My Love, My Life ♥

“Hi, Baby, I love you,” that’s always how we start. Those five simple words always bring a smile to my face and song to my heart. I am just writing this here because it’s the only way I know that I can shout to the world I love you!

The day you came into my life a miracle happened. One minute I was resigned to the fact that love was a part of my past, something although painful to think about, was nothing more than mere memory. And then there you were. You opened my heart in ways it had never been opened before. You awakened a part of me that had lay dormant all of life. The word love never had been so intense and so deep as what we feel for each other. This much I am sure of, we share a love so true that I have never before experienced the true joy of complete empowering, soul-felt love as we share. 

We have tried to deny our love time and time again to no avail. The comfort I feel in knowing that we can disagree, we can get through the roughest of times and still know in our hearts that we can’t live without each other is what makes it even more special. Baby, you matter to me and I know in my heart I truly matter to you. I am secure in your love as I know you are in mine. What more could we ask for than to be truly loved as we do each other and have found the one we have both been searching for all our lives.

Anas my darling I love kissing you, holding you, being with you, looking into your eyes knowing and hoping you feel the same way about me. The feel of your skin is more than I can take; I can’t keep my hands off you! I love you so much, words sometimes cannot express it. Your hugs and kisses I long for. Every moment spent with you is a moment I cherish. You are my night sky. I look to you for everything. Love and friendship is what I feel with you, it is not just that we are lovers, we are also friends, and that is what makes our relationship much better. The greatest of lovers don’t make the best of friends, remember that, and when there comes a time when you feel that things can’t get any worse, think of me, for I can try my best to bring you all the happiness in the world, Anas . I  grow to love you more and more everyday, and I do not know right now what I would do without you. Sometimes I would like to think my love for you is like a great dream, I don’t want to wake up because I don’t want to lose that love. I will be by your side whenever you need me and I hope I am and always will be in your heart and in your dreams forever. I love you madly, mi amor!

So, to all you out there who read this letter of love, if you’ve found it, hold it tight, cherish, respect, and be kind to each other. This kind of love is rare and special beyond words. For those of you haven’t found it yet, don’t give up and settle… they’re out there and if you’re lucky, someday you will know what these words I’ve just written mean… you’ll feel them in your heart. So, in closing, let me shout this to all…, “I LOVE YOU, BABY, WITH ALL MY HEART, MY MIND, MY BODY AND SOUL!”












Yours and only yours forever, Camila Lima (Your princess, your baby, your future wife, your mimmy angel, millymoo, mila darling, mila honey, boo .. and all the cute nicknames you give me .. :p)