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I love you, always have and always will ♥

I never knew love could be so pure
I never realized it would feel so sure
I’d prayed so long for a real soul mate
Someone to open my heart and release all the hate
I had searched and searched the world thru
Looking for that one tha would always be true
About to give up and let go of my plan
You came along with your heart in your hand
You saw something in me no one else could see
And I began to pray if this only could be 

You opened my heart up again
And healed old scars that you found within
You share all your hopes and dreams
And together we make a really good team
I continue to pray to God above
To bless us and our wonderful love

I am so glad you asked me to be your wife
And to share in every part of your life
I said yes without a second thought
Feeling so excited my breath was caught
I cannot wait until the blessed moment we unite
To finally be your and know that it’s right

I never want to break your heart
I never want to be apart
I know this will be the greatest love story ever
I’ll love you until the end of forever.



Yours and only yours forever, Camila Lima (Millymoo, Babyboo, Wifey)

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