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Loving You Until the End of Time ♥

How does one express their love
when all the words have been already said.
I have expressed to you time and time again
Just how much I love you
along with my fears of waking up one day
and you aren’t there.
I never thought it was possible
to love someone so deeply
like the way I love you.
You are the love of my life
the reason that I continue to go after my dream
and the reason why I don’t give up.
The most precious gift you have given me
is the gift of your love
a love which is flawless and unconditional.
Our love has no boundaries.
It isn’t made up of material possessions
but is built on pure love, affection and trust.
Today I give you all of me
and promise to love you
until the end of time.

Loving you forever.


Yours and only yours forever, Camila Lima (Mimmy wifey)

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