My Soul Mate ♥

Anas boo,

Sometimes we take for granted
the people in our lives
that mean the most to us.
I want to tell you how much
that you being in my life
does for me every day in so many ways. 

Is there a way to put all the feelings
I have about us in one small poem,
or can I only hope to intimate
the role that our friendship
Has played in my life?

I never imagined when we first met,
that someday you would be
such an important part of my life.
That in my life full of uncertainties,
I could count on knowing
with unfailing certainty,
That you really are the person
who knows me better than anyone else,
including all my faults and foibles,
and still loves me the way I am.

You understand more about
How I feel
How I think
How I react
How I handle the things in my life,
You just know
Even when I don’t give you much to go on

You are one of the only people I can trust
to let see those secret places in my soul,
that most people will never see
or even realize are there.

You know the difference between
when I am just blue and feeling overwhelmed,
and when my life is really falling apart.
You help me define those differences
And figure out the best way to get through.

But you are also
the first person I want to call
when something good happens.
When I write a new poem
I want to read it to you,
When I have a new idea
I want to share my creativity,
with the person who has always had faith in me
even when everyone else couldn’t see those things in me.

You have loved me unconditionally
in spite of all the mistakes I have made with my life.

You found a way to forgive me
for what I put you through,
because you know a lot of it
Was just my pain
blinding me to everything else.
I know you have felt that same pain
just in different ways,
so you really do understand
many times when others don’t.

You are the best friend I never had
A true soulmate who shares
so many of my hopes and dreams.

You know when you need me
I will be there for you
and that I am stronger than you think.
I never want our relationship to feel like a burden
that you must carry alone.
We have gotten through a lot
on our journey together so far,
and I always want to share the load
So we can make it lighter for each other.

You are the best friend I have ever had
and I value the hours we have spent
both laughing and crying together.
But the thing that I thank God for
— Every day of my life —
Is that he gave me a wonderful loving man like you.

Anas you are my my best friend, my lover, my future husband, my soul mate, my dream, my man, one true love, the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.  I promise you that I will be faithful, worthy of your trust, worthy of your love, your loving partner, I vow to honor you cherish you, love you, respect you, laugh with you, cry with you, support you in your goals , hold you, guide you and protect you. For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, for as long as we both shall live. I will always be your girl. To have and to hold from this day forward. I SWEAR AND PROMISE I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU. There is nothing in this world we can’t get through together. So Together hand in hand we will walk down that isle and stand face to face saying the words “I DO”. So now I ask for you hand in this journey as forever  begins of this  LIFE OF YOU AND I  from this moment on. We will always be “ONE”. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER.




Yours and only yours forever, Camila Lima (your future wife ♥)









My Dream Come True ♥

Anas boo,

When I close my eyes
Late at night,
I can feel you beside me
Holding me tight.
Your close touch
And gentle embrace,
I softly gaze
Into your sweet smiling face.
A dream soars
Throughout my mind,
The image of us
Begins to bind.
You give me that warm feeling
Deep inside,
Everything I feel for you
Is difficult to hide.
I wake up
Wondering if it’s real,
I know my heart beats
For the love I feel.
The connection between us
Is clearly strong,
Being wrapped in your arms
I feel I belong.
I’d sacrifice my life
Just to keep you safe,
Nothing can harm you
Or take you away.
My heart dances in circles
Beneath the moon light,
I know my love for you
Is well worth the fight.
The comfort you give
Brings a soft smile,
My love is true
Nothing false or vile.
One kiss from you
Makes my heart feel whole,
The power of love
Takes over my soul.
As I look into
Your gorgeous eyes,
My fears seem to fly
Away through the skies.
You give me the strength
To make it through each day,
I know I’ll always be by your side
Here to stay.
To me you are like
An angel in disguise,
And I know our love
Could never die.
Even through
Those dark stormy nights,
I’ll quickly run
To make you feel alright.
If a cold tear
Should fall from your face,
I’ll try my hardest
To take its place.
If you feel you have
No one to guide you,
I’ll be there
To walk beside you.
When you’re feeling
The bluest of blue,
I’ll always be there
To tenderly comfort you.
I knew
From the very start,
That you would be the one
Holding the key to my heart.
If you need help
I’ll show you the way,
You’re all I ever wanted
And I need you to stay.
Your warm touch
Makes my heart sing,
To me
You’re everything.

Anas boo I dream of you, I wait for you, I long for you, I am still madly deeply in love with you…
I love you Anas mi amor, you are everything I want, everything I need, you are the only one for me. I love you, always have and always will. I am yours.


Yours and only yours forever, Camila Lima (Mila darling, mimmy wifey, babyboo)