Together forever, Just you and me

As I look from here I see that smile on your face
The things we’ve shared will never be erased
And in our minds we know the time has come
For our two precious hearts combined as one

I’ve known all my life, true love is hard to find
But tonight, tomorrow and forever you’re mine
Each day is the time our life, better than the last
Nearly 20 months already, hasn’t time gone fast?

In the dark the moon and stars will shine bright
And I’ll be thinking of you all through the night
Our hearts have the perfect love story to tell
the connection when you caught me as I fell

Not in my wildest dreams did I expect all this
Your every touch, your smell, your gentle kiss
Didn’t you feel special right from the start?
Because I felt this passion instantly in my heart

Together hand in hand we can make the distance
My heart beats so quickly for you at this instance
Together we will go through anything coming our way
I walk along site you, forever I am here to stay 

Just remember that in my heart you will always be
Deep in my heart and soul, if I look closely I’ll see
When I close my eyes shut every night to dream
You’re my everything that makes my heart beam

I’ll never let go of us, or everything we have shared
I want you to know I love you and I always cared
In my heart, your name is engraved deep down
Cause you’re the smile on my face when I frown

I treasure each moment we spend like its our last
Because every minute that goes by happens so fast
I’ll always be beside you where you’ll ever be
Together forever and ever just you and me

Mila baby I love you, I always have and will continue to
I’ll never find anything like this, or anyone like you
You’ve made my life perfect you make me feel whole
I love you boo with all my heart, mind, body and soul

ι ʅOƲҽ ყou

ҽU τε λMΘ

Yours and only yours forever and ever
~Anas Ahmed ( Nanasssboo, Hubby wubby )

The Way You Make Me Feel ♥

You make me feel a way
That I’ve never known
And you show me things
That I’ve never been shown

You can make me feel so wanted
Cherished and even loved
You don’t know how much I’d give
Just to feel your loving touch

We speak most days
But I wanna speak every hour
You’re not like the others
I want you to show your power

Our relationship is great
I feel it becoming stronger
But I want us to be more
And last for so much longer

We’ve been out with friends
But not just us two together
I wish it could be just us
And make our time last forever

You can make me feel so wanted
Cherished and even loved
You don’t know how much I’d give
Just to feel your loving touch

You make me feel a way
That I’ve never known
And you show me things
That I’ve never been shown

When I look at you
My heart skips a beat
Deep inside your eyes
They sweep me off my feet

Sitting in your arms
I never want to leave
When your body’s next to mine
There’s a sort of comfort I receive

Every time I see you
And every time you speak
Every time you look at me
It makes my body weak

I wish I could explain to you
The way you make me feel
When you put your hand in mine
It proves the feelings real

I wish I could be with you
Every second of the day
In your arms is where I want to be
Its where I want to stay


~ Yours and only yours forever and ever, Camila Lima (Mila Boo)

Hold Me Tight ♥

Hold me in your arms,
your large, sturdy hands,

There’s no other feeling like the one you get,
when you’re held by your one true man.

Look me in the eyes,
look deep inside,

And you’ll see that they’re all teary,
from staring at you so wide.

Reach for my hands,
with your strong callous fingers.

Already, my vision gets hazy,
my speech slurs and lingers.

It’s impossible to think straight,
when you talk to me like that.

I can hear you out for hours,
I’ll do anything do start a chat.

You are so perfect, I am not,
and yet I love you so much.

It seems I cannot control,
my heart’s unstoppable flow…

This love I feel runs deep inside,
With you I never have to hide,

You wrap your arms around me tight,
And I never feel the need to fight,

I love you more than I can say,
That love grows on as here we lay.

As you lean to kiss my head,
I think about that book I read,

The one where they had the perfect life,
The one where she grew up to be his wife,

They lived happily until the end,
I want this with you, I wont pretend.

You make me feel so alive and real,
I want to tell them how I feel,

I want to tell them how it is to be,
As in love as you and me,

You make me want to scream it out,
And tell the world what our love’s about.

But really I just want you to know,
I will always let my love for you show,

Even when we are really mad,
And times are just really bad,

I’ll say those three words to make it right,
So you can stay and hold me tight.

I LOVE YOU so much mi amor, I love you more than anything in this world boo. In your arms I want to live and die, cause in your arms I’ve found all the protection and love that I need. I NEED YOU boo, you mean the world to me. I love you, always have and forever and ever will. TE AMO.

Yours and only yours forever and ever, Camila Lima (Mila Boo, Mimmy Wifey)

♥ You are my savior ♥

All by myself, alone in the dark
Longing for someone to share my heart
Drowning in sorrow, crying in vain
Hoping this heart will love again…

Waiting with a handful of broken dreams
Nothing in my life was what it seemed
Betrayed, fooled, hurt and scared
I was sure that no one really cared…

Alone in the dark I prayed and prayed
For someone to take away this pain
For once for someone to love me true
Then god answered my prayers and gave me you…

I don’t know how you did what you did
How could you possibly love me like this
How did you take away all my fears
How did you make all the tears disappear…

Now that I know you’re always there
About my past, I no longer care
My life no longer seems like a mess
With a love like yours, I know I am blessed…

You gave my life meaning, you made me complete
Lying in your arms, I feel so much at ease
Now my world is a much brighter place
Cos in your arms I know I am safe…

Now I have everything I’ve ever needed
Cos you love me the way I’ve always dreamed of
You’re my love, my dream, my world, my saviour
And for you, till I die, I’ll always be here…

I love you Camila boo, You came into my life and took all my fears and tears away, you rescued me from darkness boo, and you took all my worries away, you brought colors to my black and white life, you filled my lonely nights and filled it with hugs so tight, oh baby I never thought That I was meant for love you know honey, and you give me so much love that now I wonder what I did to deserve such amazing, unconditional, and immeasurable love boo, You cannot imagine the happiness you have given and continue to do so more and more. Now that I have found you boo I know there is nothing I want more. I love you so much mi vida, and I don’t know the right words to express this intense feeling inside of me, its like my heart calls only your name with its every beat, Oh honey my babyboo you are my everything and you are all I need, I can live without breathing but boo I cannot live with you. for you I will give my life, for you I will bleed, For you are the reason for my living, the purpose of my life, the LOVE OF MY LIFE, For you are the one and the only one for me, Boo I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life and eternity with you, I want to spend the rest of my life taking care of you, protecting you and making you happy and making all your dreams and OUR dreams come true, I love you boo, I always have and I always and forever and ever will sweetheart. With all my heart, mind, body and soul, As I give it all to you, For now and forever, I truly and completely belong only to you. 



Always have and I always will

Yours and only yours forever and ever
~Anas Ahmed ( Nanasss boo, Your MAN ) 

Love Of My Life Forever ♥

I want to see my heart beating right beside you,
And then wipe each others tears from our eyes when we both crying.
One picture is perfect if your face engraved on it.
All I can think about is you and me.

This is how tight I want us to be,
Because it is how much you mean to me.
Each moment I know that my life will be all right,
Because I have you and you’re always right here in my heart.

Happiness does last forever, I know,
I want people know it is because I have you in my life.
I hope to make a love poem for other people to read,
Because it will be the only way they will find out and see.

To let them know that you are more than the poetry I wrote everyday,
A special poem that captures my heart.
Giving so much happiness and inspirations each day,
So blessed to have you here in my life right now.

Love me as I love you forever more,
This is the promise we made from each other.
That love is possible and it can be,
You are the poem that will last forever.

I love you, three little words I always want to tell you.
You are like a dream a come true to me.
Without you, I don’t think I can live.
You are the love of my life forever.

Boo, I love you so much. You are my everything baby and when I say everything I really mean it mi amor. In you I find everything baby, in you I found my purpose, my goal, and it is to be with you forever, to take care of you and to love you now and forever more. All I want baby is to be with you, to take care of you, to make you happy as much as you are making me right now baby. I am the happiest girl alive and its all because of you mi amor. I love you so much, I love you with all my heart, my mind, my body and my soul. I love you today, tomorrow and I will be loving you forever and ever for all of my life and eternity. I completely belong to you boo. Te amo.

“I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.”

Song of Solomon 6:3

~ Yours and only yours forever and ever, Camila Lima (Mila Boo, Future Wife)

I Love You ♥

You’ve made me smile
Countless times;

You’ve brought me comfort
In difficult times

And eased my fears
In stressful times, too

You’ve made me feel complete
By being my love and my friend

I feel a sense of calm,
And everlasting peace

That only you and you alone
Could ever bring to me

I’ve discovered that life is far more precious,
When shared with someone like you

And that love changes everything
When you finally find that special soul,

That’s meant for only you

You change everything for me!

I Love You

Though miles come between us
And distance keeps us apart

Nothing can ever change
The love inside my heart

I may not be there with you
Every minute of the day,

But you’re always here with me
In at least a thousand ways

Whether it be a thought,
Or a moment that we’ve shared,

It only takes a second
To get from here to there

Though I cannot really feel
You here at my side,

It’s always nice to know
I’ve got these memories in my mind

I Miss You

~ Yours and only yours forever and ever, Camila Lima (Milly Moo)

I promise you my love forever

Theres so many things
that I love about you
I could name so many things
you continue to do

You always stand by my side
and show you care
Good times and bad
you’re always there.

In sad times you always
manage to make me smile
The way you promise we’ll be together
to walk down the aisle

I love the moment
we look into each others eyes
A love so beautiful
I have invisible happy cries

I love the way we both
know that we belong
Through tough times we’ve proven
to always be strong

The warmth of your hug
when you hold me tight
In bad times you promise
everything will be alright

I love it when you tell me
we’ll always be forever
I know now and all our days
we’ll face everything together

Times that are hard
and my eyes start to cry
Your hand is always there
to wipe them dry

I love spending my days with you,
they are so much fun
Together on rainy days
and under the glowing sun

I love seeing you in the day
and dreaming of you at night
I keep every memory with me
and you’re never out of my sight

I love your gentle touch
and your words that are sweet
Every time I’m with you
my heart still skips a beat

I love it when
you know I feel sad
You will do anything
just to make me glad.

No one in this lifetime
can understand the way I feel
Mornings I wake up sometimes
still wondering if this is all real

Your love and comfort
is what I’ll forever need
You’re not only my girl friend
but my soul mate indeed.

I love the way its taken
us ages to find
The most divine love between us,
for I call you mine

Every single day is better
because you have brightened my life
I hope to one day have the honor
of making you my wife

I respect each word you say
that comes out of your heart
I promise you that
nothing can tear us apart

I love the way
you’ve taken away all my pain
And still to this day
your love keeps me sane

I love the feeling I get
when I hear your name
I know that when I say I love you,
you feel the same

I cherish you so much
and thank God I found you
I promise you my everything
and to your love I’ll always be true

Oh Mila my babyboo, I promise to love you and cherish you forever baby, I promise to make you happy and treasure for eternity boo, I promise to be by your side in thick and thin, I promise to take care of you and protect  you with my life, I promise to hold your hand and walk forever, I promise to wipe your every tear dry when you feel like crying, I promise to hold you in my arms when you feel scared or insecure, I promise to give you my support in everything you do, I promise to give you the strength when you feel like you are weak, I promise to carry you in my arms when you feel you cant walk anymore, I promise to shield you from every harm, I promise to sing you to sleep every night, I promise to make you smile when you feel down, I promise to give you so much laughter that in happiness you will drown, I promise I will hold you in my arms when  you feel cold, I promise to nurture you to health when you feel ill, I promise with you I will grow old, I promise I will be perfect for you, I promise to tell you how beautiful you are even though I know no words can express your beauty, I promise to tease you and please you in ways you cannot even imagine, I promise to be the one to bring the light when its dark, I promise to catch you when you will feel you may fall, I promise to love you so much that you may know nothing but my love for you, I promise to love you forever And I promise I will never let you go. I love you boo, I always have and I always and forever and ever will boo, you are my everything honey, My dream come true, my reason to be, my eyes to see, my world and heaven you are to me. 

ι ℒoѵℯ you


мy вoo

Yours and Only yours forever and ever
~Anas Ahmed ( Nanasss boo ) 

You Are The Light Of My Life ♥

In the darkness,
I found your light.
When all was hopeless,
your beauty shown bright.

When I thought that I
could love no more.
You touched my heart,
to the very core.

You made me smile,
when I could only frown.
You picked me up
when I was down.

When all was lost
you gave me life.
You brought me joy
instead of strife.

Now I think of you
every day and night.
you came into my life
and made everything right.

I smile when we’re together
and when we are apart.
the presence of your beauty
stops my very heart.

I hope as time goes on
you will see how I feel.
and I hope that you will see
that these feelings are for real.

I love you truly,
I love you wholly.
I love you completely,
I love you solely.

Baby I love you. I will love you forever and ever, cause the love I have is an everlasting, never ending love mi amor, all I need, all I want, all I desire is you and only you. You are the only one for me.

Baby I am yours.

I love you. Always have. Always will.


~ Yours and only yours forever and ever, Camila Lima (Mila Boo)

Written Upon The Sand ♥

Sweetheart come take a walk with me, take me by the hand,
lets go down to the beach and write our names upon the sand.
We can sit together and watch the waves come rolling in,
cuddling close to each other as the waves move slowly out again.

Tonight there are lots of stars shining in the sky up above,
as though broadcasting a signal of our everlasting love.
Is it written there in the stars in the heavens for all to see,
of our future together, our destiny.

The moon seems to be casting its own special glow,
almost like it to is wanting all of the world to know.
Look world here at these two lovers tonight,
arms locked around each other holding on tight.

Dancing in the moonlight to the music only we hear,
while we share this love so rare, so very dear.
Just one more kiss sweetheart before we have to go,
while in our hearts our love will continue to grow.

Tonight as our names are being written upon the sand,
our love was pledged so long ago with a beautiful golden band.
Matching rings on our fingers, one on yours, one on mine,
two hearts bound together forever until the end of time.


I love you and only you and I will be loving you forever and ever, for all my life and eternity. EU TE AMO.

~ Yours and only yours forever and ever, Camila Lima (Mila Boo)

When I Met You ♥

There I was, an empty piece of a shell
Just minding my own world

Without even knowing what love and life were all about
Then you came, you brought me out of my shell

You gave the world to me, and before I knew
There I was so in love with you

You gave me a reason for my being
And I love what I’m feeling

You gave me a meaning to my life
Yes, I’ve gone beyond existing

And it all began when I met you

I love the touch of your hair
And when I look in your eyes

I just know, I know, I’m on to something good
And I’m sure, my love for you will endure

Your love light up my world and take all my cares
Away where they can’t bother me

You taught me how to love
You showed me how tomorrow and today

My love, is different from the yesterday
I knew, you taught me to love

And darling I will always cherish you
Today, tomorrow and forever…

And I’m sure, when the evening will come around
I know we’ll be making love like never before

My love, who could ask for more?


~ Yours and only yours forever and ever, Camila Lima (Mila Boo, Future Wife)