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My Love Is Where You Are

If I could catch a million stars,

I know just what I’d do,

I’d arrange them on a paper,
And sing them back to you.

If I could give you gifts of gold,
I’d have each one inscribed,

With a special memory,
That I hold, dear, inside.

I’d give you everything you’d want,
Or you could ever need,

But that would never measure,
All you’ve given me.

With honesty and compassion,
You lend a tender ear.

And when I look into your eyes,
My troubles disappear.

But, I am not a rich man,
Nor lucky enough to catch a star,

I can only give you one thing…
All that’s in my heart.

This is something you’ll never be without,
Whether you are near or far,

For it is a simple but precious gift.
My love is where you are.

My heart, my mind, My body, and  my soul, everything I am and everything I will ever be, Will always and forever belong to you, This my baby I promise you, I live my life for you, Every breath I breathe I breathe to love you, Every beat that my heart beats, it beats only for you, ever drop of blood that flows in my veins flow to love you. For as long as I live, for as long as i exist, for as long as there is time, for as long as there is forever and ever, and even beyond all this my Mila boo, I will always love you, with everything I am and with everything in me. I promise to give you the love that you always dreamed of. I love you mi amor, I always have and I always and forever and ever will babyboo.

I love you

With all my heart

With all my mind

With all my being

From the core of my soul

I love you

I always have

And I always

and forever and ever will

Yours and only yours forever and ever
~Anas Ahmed (Nanasss boo, Animoo, Babyboo, Your Man) 

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