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Lovers in love

My sweet darling I’ll wait
Forever to be in your arms
To kiss your soft tender lips
To be embraced by your sweet charms

When all our nightmares are over
And our fears are finally gone
We’ll dream happily away together
We’ll pray our love stays strong

The stars will shine brighter
The clouds will disappear
As long as I have your company
Happiness will always be near

In our own world we’ll escape
Free from all the pain
Just you and me alone
Together forever again

With just three words and one kiss
Our lasting love will be sealed
Standing side by side again
Our deep wounds will be healed

All I ask is that you love me back
Accept and give a whole heart
Then forever we’ll be in love
And never will we part

Our souls will live in heaven
We’ll be protected by God above
And no what matter happens our love won’t end
For we are destined lovers in love.

I Love You

Always Have

Always Will

~ Yours and ONLY yours forever and ever, Camila Lima (Mimmy Boo)

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