Forever your’s…

You are my happiness

You are my one true love
You are my everything
An angel that GOD
Sent from above

Your eyes are like the sunshine
Your beautiful as the sea
Your kisses feel so lovely to me
Thats why you are my everything

There are so many words
That can express how I feel
You make me feel so special
You made this fairytale
Become real

I know I’m not perfect
But ill always be true
I love you so much
I’ll do anything for you

I know love in the pass
Has lead me the wrong way
But this time its real
Its just something I can feel

You are my life
You are my dreams
You are everything to me
I hope one day you will marry me!!

You are my joy
You are my relief from pain
Life without you 
I could not maintain

I want to be your husband 
I want you to be my wife
Your the one that has
brightened up my life

And all because
You have loved me too
You are my everything!!!!
My fairytale that has come true!!!! 

I think each night
About the moment we first met
You took my breath away
And i couldn’t take my eyes off you

I watched you work
Watched you move in
that graceful way you do
I watched you look at me too
Those deep brown eyes
peering deep into my soul

It was like it was fate
It was so natural
They way we connected
The way it all seemed
like it was meant to be

And it was, it still is
When we are together
we’ve been together for two years
The passion, the love,
the sparks, still there
Never fading, never even
so much as a dimmer

I look at you and I fall
In love all over again
I have never felt this way before
I will fight to the end
for your happiness
For us
For our love

I have made a vow 
A Vow to spend the rest
of my live with you
In sickness and in health
In poverty and in wealth
In darkness and in light
In wrong and in right
Till death do us part

Soon the world will know
As in front of God we vow
And I want the world to know


Yours and only yours forever
~Anas Ahmed (Nanasss boo, Your Marido)

Be Mine Forever

How is it that you make me so happy, 
Even if just one glance of your eye,
One word from your mouth,
One touch of your hand?

You fill me with a joy that only you can give,
A wholeness only you can pour into me,
An excitement only you can arouse.
You fill me to overflowing.

You are the one I wish to hold tight
The one I wish to kiss every night
The one I wish would take my hand
You are the one for me.

I ask you to spend the rest of your life with me,
The rest of your tears with me
The rest of your dreams with me
I ask you to be mine forever

In my mind I see you smile
Have seen you do it all the while
It is a sight I would not miss
And just love it when you kiss

Our minds make love in sweet elation
I would have you as my relation
My love for you it runs so deep
And beside you I’ll always be

I will always be there for you to know
That with all of my love I am going to show
For me no other can make me feel right
Your love is the light that gives me insight

Be mine forever and I will be yours
You know I will help with all of the chores
If we do things together we may not agree
But the joy of our love is we get it for free

I would lay down my life to keep you from harm
Even cover you in blankets to keep you quite warm
If you tell me you love me and hold me so close
I will shine even brighter than any rainbows

Anas I love you more than words could ever express. From the moment I saw you I had to have you. Although I was just a simply girl you taught me how to express myself as a true woman. You taught me everything I know about loving someone. You molded me into something rare and beautiful. Now that two years have passed, our love has only grown. Everyone looks at our relationship and are jealous because we are an example of pure love and friendship. When you hold me close, my heart seems to explode and feel so secure…this is why I love you so much. I love you, I always have and I always will.


~ Your one and only true love, Camila Lima (Mila Boo, Mimmy Boo)

You’re my dream come true

All I ever want baby is for us to be together

I’ve never felt this strong about anyone ever

Let me prove to you in these words how I feel
Then in reality I’m sure time will all reveal

All the nights I asked God finally my dream came true
Now for the rest of my days I want to share with you

I have come to realize you’re my only one
You have made me the person I have become

You’ve proven your love for me numerous times
Now I hope to return the favour in these lines

If ever we find our selves apart
We won’t be distant within our hearts

Bad times we been through but things work themselves out
Happiness and togetherness is what our love is all about

Never in this lifetime will we find ourselves apart
We promised us to each other at the start

Nights when I lie alone and I’m falling apart
I hope you know you got the keys to my heart

Say goodbye to lonely days and to the lonely nights
I’m here to make you smile and scare away your frights

You walked right into this lonely heart of mine
Now we’ve fallen madly in love just in the Nick of Time

You are my dream come true, you and I belong together
Now and through all our days we will share forever


I know that words might not be enough to express how much you love me baby, But its through your eyes I see how much you do, Its through your heart I hear everything you say to me, its in the way you so lovingly embrace me I feel how much I mean to you. Oh my love, With such happiness and joy in me baby, I thank God as he blessed me with you and your infinite love towards me boo, its not my breathing or the beating of my heart that is keeping me alive, Its through your love that you give me my boo is how I am alive. Its the nourishment of my soul, its the core of my existence my angel. I love you so much mi amor, I thank God that he chose me as the lucky one out of the billions in this world to be yours, and I cant thank God enough for the gift he has bestowed up on me. You are the one I always dreamed of in my dreams and now that you are mine all my dreams have come true mi vida, I love you madly and more than anything in this world my angel. You are my world, my everything, the reason for my living. Every day I realize how much more I love you than I loved your yesterday, and how much more I will love you tomorrow. I love you boo, and I want you to know that no one in this world can love you as much as I do mi amor, and I know that no one is this world can love me as much as you love me baby. Now all I want my angel is to spend the rest of my life and the rest of eternity being everything for you, fulfilling your every need, your every desire. Making all your dreams and wishes come true, taking care of you and being your protector, being your guide when you feel lost, being by your side and fighting for you. Loving you and making you the happiest person alive, I cant wait for the day when I will stand before God and say “I DO” with so much pride. I cant wait for the day I say I take thee Camila Lima as my wife. Oh my boo you cannot imagine how much I am longing for that amazing day to come. I dream of holding you when I am sleeping, I dream of you when I am awake, I dream of you day and night, I dream of you and me even in the dream of my dreams. Soon I know boo, very very soon, and as one more days goes by today, I am not sad that a day passed again with this distance in better us, But I am smiling know that today I am one day closer to holding you in my arms, one day closer to making you mine, one day closer to the day all  my remainder of wishes and dreams to come true. I wait eagerly my boo trust me. I have named my life and eternity to you babez, and for as long as I live, for as long as I exist, I will only to love you Camila. Loving you is the sole purpose of my life. Loving you is all I know how to do, Loving you is the reason for everything I do. Loving you forever and ever I shall always do. Take my hand mi amor, let me vow my life and my heart to you. I belong to you and only to you I shall belong forever mi vida. My heart beats only for you, my eyes seek only to see you, my life only to live for you. You are the one for me boo, THE ONLY one for me, the only one I need, the only one I want and ever will. I love you so much Mila darling, I always have, and I always and forever and ever will my angel… You are my wish fulfilled, my dream come true, I promise I will never let you go, I promise I will always and forever love you

Yours and only yours forever and ever
~Anas Ahmed (Nanasss boo, Your soul mate)

I Will Always Love You

I will always love you through thick and thin
I will always love you mi amor

Even though we have some differences
But I’m here and I will always be listenin’

We are like the sun, because we will always shine
Baby whatever happens to me, you will always be mine

Even if we are miles away
In my heart you’ll stay

I am here for you and nobody else
When I smell your scent I’ll always melt

My heart is in yours hands
Nobody can’t take care of it like you can

I have been waiting for you for so long
Love for each other will always be strong

You are the one for me, there’s no doubt in that
When you say “I Love You” I saw the heaven crack

The tears that I cried for you will turn into happiness
Now you’re in my life, now I will never have bad dreams

I will do anything for you, just let me know
Just for you I will let my love show

I need you in my life like you need me in yours
I see nobody, just me and you in this world

What can I say to you that I have not already said? There are no words that could ever fully express my love for you Anas. Today I am ready, willing, and excited to become your every need. I am so happy and grateful that God has placed you in my life. I truly believe that you were specially chosen just for me. I could not have asked for a better life companion. You are my soul mate. Soon, we will stand before God, our family, and our friends and vow our love to each other. I promise to always love, honor, and respect you for as long as I live. I will carry you in my heart. I will lift you up spiritually and always be there for you emotionally and physically. I will pray for you and our marriage daily. I appreciate you for who you are and who you have caused me to be. From this day forward, let us grow in love, let’s make our relationship stronger. Let us make life decisions together. Let us be quick to love and slow to anger. Let us be understanding. Let us let God direct us and guide us in our relationship and in our walk together, as our paths combine. I am now and will forever be yours through whatever life brings us. I will be faithful to you and give you my trust. There is so much more I could say but I am going to spend the rest of my life showing you what you mean to me boo. I love you more than anything and everything in this world.


Sempre Te Amei

Para Sempre Vou Te Amar

~ Yours and only yours forever and ever, Camila Lima (Mila Boo, Milly Moo)


“True love’s the gift which God has given to man alone beneath the heaven… It is the secret sympathy, The silver link, the silken tie, which heart to heart, and mind to mind, In body and in soul can bind.”

– Walter Scott

As we make one of two

These things I promise I will do
That life may grant you ample grace
Because I love and cherish you: 

I vow to treasure what is true
That I might touch whom I embrace:
These things I promise I will do. 

I’ll build a garden in your view
That with sweet fruit will stone replace
Because I love and cherish you. 

I vow to love each day anew,
For love must dance through time and space:
These things I promise I will do. 

I vow to make your terrors few
And then with you those demons face
Because I love and cherish you. 

And now, as we make one of two,
A passage we cannot retrace,
These things I promise I will do
Because I love and cherish you.


I Always Have

And I Always and Forever Will

~ Yours and only yours forever and ever, Camila Lima (Mila Boo, Mimmy Wifey)

Let our heart’s beat together

There’s a time in your life for you to dream
And sometimes things aren’t what they seem

The wish you hold inside you precious heart
And sometimes things change from the start

Then the magical moment that happens at last
A kiss, a touch, just a word can all happen so fast

On a night like tonight as I wish you were here
Holding me close to your heart so we’re near

Each time I look into your eyes I know its true
All my life I have prayed for someone like you

Here is my heart its always been yours to keep
There’s a feeling so strong if you dig down deep

I know that you know its a feeling so strong
I’d tell you I love you in a poem or even a song

You’ve had my heart from the very first thought
This love was a priceless feeling, wasn’t bought

Baby I’ll give you everything that comes along
This life we live is real, nothing could go wrong

In this Kingdom we share you are my lovey queen
You are my everything and I swear the words i mean

I could never compare this feeling I have deep inside
And in this beautiful life, its something I wouldn’t hide

On a night like tonight and the sky is covered in stars
You’ve filled an empty spot and healed all my scars

So here is my heart its yours to spoil and always hold
Our is like a fairy tale the most greatest story ever told

So come what may but you’re in my heart forever
So take good care of it, forever we will be together

I promise I’ll do my best to treat you like a princess
I dedicate my life to give you true love and happiness

All I want is to spend my life being by your side
I love you more than anything this I cannot hide

Mila my boo, here is my heart its for you to keep forever
Hold it close to your heart and let our heart’s beat together


Yours and only yours forever and ever
~Anas Ahmed (Nanasss boo, Your Marido)

I want you to know…

I want you to know

how much your smile
lights up my life

or your laughter fills my soul,
making all the little problems
of the day disappear.

I want you to know
how much it means to me
when you do or say something
thoughtful and totally unexpected —
usually just at the moment
I need it most.

I want you to know
how much pride I hold in my heart
for the person you are
and the things you do —

for your strength
and your gentleness,

your courage and
your determination,

your accomplishments
and your dreams.

I want you to know
how much I need you by my side —
in the best of times
and the worst of times

and all the times in between.
It really doesn’t matter where we are
or what we’re doing,
as long as we’re together
to share it all.

I love you with all my heart and soul.


Yours and only yours forever and ever
~ Anas Ahmed (Your Prince, Your Boo, Your Man)