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You’re my dream come true

All I ever want baby is for us to be together

I’ve never felt this strong about anyone ever

Let me prove to you in these words how I feel
Then in reality I’m sure time will all reveal

All the nights I asked God finally my dream came true
Now for the rest of my days I want to share with you

I have come to realize you’re my only one
You have made me the person I have become

You’ve proven your love for me numerous times
Now I hope to return the favour in these lines

If ever we find our selves apart
We won’t be distant within our hearts

Bad times we been through but things work themselves out
Happiness and togetherness is what our love is all about

Never in this lifetime will we find ourselves apart
We promised us to each other at the start

Nights when I lie alone and I’m falling apart
I hope you know you got the keys to my heart

Say goodbye to lonely days and to the lonely nights
I’m here to make you smile and scare away your frights

You walked right into this lonely heart of mine
Now we’ve fallen madly in love just in the Nick of Time

You are my dream come true, you and I belong together
Now and through all our days we will share forever


I know that words might not be enough to express how much you love me baby, But its through your eyes I see how much you do, Its through your heart I hear everything you say to me, its in the way you so lovingly embrace me I feel how much I mean to you. Oh my love, With such happiness and joy in me baby, I thank God as he blessed me with you and your infinite love towards me boo, its not my breathing or the beating of my heart that is keeping me alive, Its through your love that you give me my boo is how I am alive. Its the nourishment of my soul, its the core of my existence my angel. I love you so much mi amor, I thank God that he chose me as the lucky one out of the billions in this world to be yours, and I cant thank God enough for the gift he has bestowed up on me. You are the one I always dreamed of in my dreams and now that you are mine all my dreams have come true mi vida, I love you madly and more than anything in this world my angel. You are my world, my everything, the reason for my living. Every day I realize how much more I love you than I loved your yesterday, and how much more I will love you tomorrow. I love you boo, and I want you to know that no one in this world can love you as much as I do mi amor, and I know that no one is this world can love me as much as you love me baby. Now all I want my angel is to spend the rest of my life and the rest of eternity being everything for you, fulfilling your every need, your every desire. Making all your dreams and wishes come true, taking care of you and being your protector, being your guide when you feel lost, being by your side and fighting for you. Loving you and making you the happiest person alive, I cant wait for the day when I will stand before God and say “I DO” with so much pride. I cant wait for the day I say I take thee Camila Lima as my wife. Oh my boo you cannot imagine how much I am longing for that amazing day to come. I dream of holding you when I am sleeping, I dream of you when I am awake, I dream of you day and night, I dream of you and me even in the dream of my dreams. Soon I know boo, very very soon, and as one more days goes by today, I am not sad that a day passed again with this distance in better us, But I am smiling know that today I am one day closer to holding you in my arms, one day closer to making you mine, one day closer to the day all  my remainder of wishes and dreams to come true. I wait eagerly my boo trust me. I have named my life and eternity to you babez, and for as long as I live, for as long as I exist, I will only to love you Camila. Loving you is the sole purpose of my life. Loving you is all I know how to do, Loving you is the reason for everything I do. Loving you forever and ever I shall always do. Take my hand mi amor, let me vow my life and my heart to you. I belong to you and only to you I shall belong forever mi vida. My heart beats only for you, my eyes seek only to see you, my life only to live for you. You are the one for me boo, THE ONLY one for me, the only one I need, the only one I want and ever will. I love you so much Mila darling, I always have, and I always and forever and ever will my angel… You are my wish fulfilled, my dream come true, I promise I will never let you go, I promise I will always and forever love you

Yours and only yours forever and ever
~Anas Ahmed (Nanasss boo, Your soul mate)

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