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Loving You

Loving you

It’s like feeling soft soft rain
Fall on my face

Loving you
It’s the comfort of my

Loving you
Makes me laugh and
smile at the same time
It makes my heart warm,
it gives me life

Loving you
It’s all very new to me
It’s very good

Loving you
To feel your hand in mine
To feel your breath slide
along the side of my cheek
To feel your heart
pounding beneath my ear
As I rest my head upon your chest

Loving you
So many words to describe it
Yet so few

Loving you
I want to take care of you
As you take care of me
I want to hear your
troubles and your joys

I want to encourage you
As you choose to follow life

Loving you
It is an honor to be trusted so
With your deepest, darkest worries
With your most heart felt

Loving you
Sharing little moments with you
Looking into one another’s hearts
Reading each other’s souls
Loving me

Loving you
There is nothing else I want
But to be held by you

Loving you
It is such a rarity to find
It is such a blessing to do
It is such an inspiration
It is such a dream come true

Loving you
It is not sheer perfection
Despite what you may want to hear
It is Love
It is right
No matter what you may do
Or how upset we may get
Our love will win
It will bring us back

Loving you
Needing you
Wanting you
You, you


Yours and only yours forever and ever
~Anas Ahmed (Nanasss boo, Your Man) 

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