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Marry Me

There’s lots of ways to ask
So don’t be cliche’ 
Be nice to the family
They’re giving me away

Make sure it’s ruby’s
Don’t put it in the food
Don’t start with a break-up speech
That won’t put me in the mood

Tell me that you love me
And that I have your heart
Say I’m the one for you
And you’ve known from the start

Don’t draw it out
And expect me to wait
Something like that
Doesn’t even require a date

Make it fun or exciting
Something I wouldn’t see coming
Casual or dress-up
Just say that I’m stunning

During the week or weekend
Doesn’t matter the day
I’m still going to answer
And I won’t forget either way

I might shed a tear
You might bring a smile to my face
Doesn’t matter the time
Doesn’t matter the place

Say you can’t image living another day
Without me by your side
Say it from the heart
Don’t let anything hide

Ask for their blessing
And then whisk me away
I may be left speechless
But I know what to say

On that day I’ll look into your eyes
And simply say ‘I do’
Because the moment
You walked into my life, I just knew

You’re my best friend, my lover
My everything and so much more
You’re the only one I need
And the one I adore

I don’t expect anything
I don’t even know what you’ll do
I just know that I’m ready
To spend forever with you

A moment that will change everything
And the whole world will see
All because you ask
“Will you marry me?”

I LOVE YOU ♥ ♥ ♥ 


~ Yours and ONLY yours forever and ever, Camila Lima (Your future wife)

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