The stars lean down to kiss you

And I lie awake and miss you

Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere

Cause I’ll doze off safe and soundly

But I’ll miss your arms around me

I’d send a postcard to you, dear

Cause I wish you were here

I’ll watch the night turn light blue

But it’s not the same without you

Because it takes two to whisper quietly

The silence isn’t so bad

Till I look at my hands and feel sad

Cause the spaces between my fingers

Are right where yours fit perfectly

I’ll find repose in new ways

Though I haven’t slept in two days

Cause cold nostalgia chills me to the bone

But drenched in vanilla twilight

I’ll sit on the front porch all night

Waist deep in thought because when

I think of you I don’t feel so alone

I don’t feel so alone

I don’t feel so alone

As many times as I blink

I’ll think of you tonight

I’ll think of you tonight

When violet eyes get brighter

And heavy wings grow lighter

I’ll taste the sky and feel alive again

And I’ll forget the world that I knew

But I swear I won’t forget you

Oh if my voice could reach back through the past

I’d whisper in your ear:

“Oh darling I wish you were here…”



I think back to the day

I first looked into your eyes

Admitting I saw nothing

I just hadn’t realized

You would be my one and only

My lover and my friend

The one to share my life with

Who will be there ’til the end

Together we’ve made memories

There were good ones and some bad

We’ve learned about each other

What makes us happy & what makes us sad

Today, I want to let you know

On our anniversary

I vow once more to love & cherish you

For all eternity!

I Love You

♥ ♥ ♥ HAPPY 34 MONTHS ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ ANNIVERSARY ♥ ♥ ♥


Ei honey boii, I love you. I wanted to wish you HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, I wish US all the best which I know is yet to come, I wish for us to be together forever, maybe for now we are apart but I know that our hearts already beat as one. From the day we met, I knew that you would hold my heart in your hands and you more than do that – you completely own me and every part of me. When I think of you, my heart is so full of love and passion for you that I can hardly contain myself. I think of spending every minute of every day with you and holding you so close to me. Whenever you think of me, please know that no matter how many miles separate us or how much of our lives comes between us, you are and always will be the love of my life and I will never love anyone as much again. I thank God everyday for letting me meet you and for you falling in love with me because I know that it would never be as perfect any other way. I love you with all that I am.You know baby, there are no words to express how I feel about you. I constantly search for the words, and they all seem less than I truly feel. You are my life, my heart, and my soul. You are my best friend. You are my one true love. I still remember the day we first met. I knew that you were the one I was meant to be with forever. I thought of you every day, and dreamed of you each night. Just when I thought you had forgotten me, you would call and make all my dreams seem real. The sound of your voice on the line, was the sweetest sound I would ever find. Then one day you decided to confess your love saying it to me and ah those words I will never forget… My heart was beating so fast within my chest. My hand was shaking and I could barely breathe. I knew then it was meant to be. Those were the sweetest days, of memories of the past months. Somehow I had no choice, I couldn’t stand it anymore, talking to you every day, seeing your face, but yet not able to let my lips utter the words my heart was yearning to say. I needed to show you, that you were the best and that I wanted you, that you were mine, that we were meant to be. So I made the decision to tell you how I feel. When you said you felt the same, I felt it was a dream. Since then boo I never looked back, and never will. Now you will make me your wife. I am on a cloud, living in a dream, and a few days from now, it will really feel real. I wrote this letter for you to keep, and when you need a reminder of how I feel. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, words cannot express how you make me feel. I make this promise to you my darling, to love you the way that you love me. I now look to the future and forget the past, your life is mine and we will make it last. Always  remember boo, our love is the link that holds our two hearts together and if I could put into words how you make me feel when I think of you, and how much you excite me when I hear your voice, I would be talking here forever. You’re all that I need and want, honey. I live for the day that I can sit next to you and whisper into your ear and tell you that I love you, and kiss you ever so lightly but passionately on your lips, and to look into your eyes as you take my breath away. I live for that first look into your eyes, that first passionate kiss, that first embrace and that first time that we make love together. I live to live, to spend a lifetime with you as your wife and to grow old with you, loving you for all times from now to eternity. I love to love you. I love you more today than I did yesterday, and I’ll love you more tomorrow than I do today. With all my heart I am forever yours. Happy 34 months anniversary, and still the best is yet to be. I love you. 

~ Yours and ONLY yours forever, Camila Lima (Mila boo, Mimmy Wifey, Lover)


“I pledge to thee, for years and years to be, I will more and more love thee, for you to see, that I belong only to thee and that you are the only one me, by your side I shall forever be, for all my life and eternity, oh Baby, Happy 34 Months Anniversary.”

– Anas Ahmed


Ah, love, my love is like

a cry in the night,

A long, loud cry
to the empty sky,

The cry of a man
alone in the desert,

With hands uplifted,
with parching lips,

Oh, rescue me, rescue me,
Thy form to mine arms,

The dew of thy lips
to my mouth,

Dost thou hear me?
—my call thro’ the night?

Darling, I hear thee and answer,
Thy fountain am I,

All of the love of my soul
will I bring to thee,

All of the pains of my
being shall wring to thee,

Deep and forever the song
of my loving 
shall sing to thee,

Ever thro’ day and thro’ night
shall I cling to thee.

Hearest thou the answer?
Darling, I come, I come.

Happy 34 Months Anniversary Lovey, Oh what a wonderful beginning of a new month, Oh how I treasure every moment that passed us, The past month, The month before, and every day since the day I met you ,I treasure each and every day and memory of us, for days, months, years and eternities to come, together we will be creating new and more memories with our love which we will cherish and treasure for ever. Oh boo What more can a man ask for in a woman who opened her heart to him, allowing him to feel the warmth of her love across the great distance that separates them? I know how much this distance between us hurts, and I also know that we are never truly apart from each other. Every breathe I take I will take for you boo, Every beat of my heart will be for you my love, Every second that ticks on the clock I will love you more, Every day I live for as long as I live, I will live for you My boo.You truly have no idea what I feel for you honey. I try to put this feeling into words, but fail miserably. This feeling of being both scared and at peace, of having both butterflies and a sense of calm, is a feeling that I have only dreamed about. As the days continue to pass, my love for you continues to grow. I never thought I had the capacity to love anybody as much as I love you right now Mila my love. Yet, my love for you continues to mature, growing beyond the realm of my heart. It seems that you have become the fibre of my soul, the very reason for my existence. When I am with you, I feel alive. You bring to me a happiness that no one else ever could. You bring to me a love I have never known before. I could not imagine what my life would be like without you. You have touched my heart in ways no one could ever comprehend. I love being with you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you showing  you how much I love you and how much I care for you babez. Every day I wake up thanking God for you. You have given me so much mi amor, and I don’t know if I will be able to give back all that you have given me. Boo you have been my guiding light when I was lost. You have been my comforter through all my trials and sorrow. You have been my rock. Sometimes I feel lost and out of touch, but when you’re there, I feel safe. Your voice soothes me. Honey you are the one and the only one reason I want to wake up every day, You are that reason my angel that I want to live another day, and each day I want to spend loving you and making you happy mi vida. I could sit here and try to tell you just how I feel, but I can’t find the words other than I am ecstatic we met and have gotten together after all we’ve gone through. I want to tell you that the love I have for you is undying. It is a love that is strong and enduring and will stand the test of time. I truly feel blessed that you have become a part of my life, and I cannot wait for the day that we can join our lives together. I want to lie next to you at night and fall asleep singing to you and holding you in my arms. I want to wake to your beautiful smile. I want to share in your joys and sorrows. I want to be your everything, because you are everything to me. Each day that passes makes our love for each other grow stronger. Although I know it’s hard for us to be apart, I know there is nothing that can keep us apart forever. Our desires will continue to stretch across any distance, over every mountain and ocean between us. Nothing can stand between us, and nothing will stop me from loving you. For you my angel I will walk a million miles, For you my love I will walk through fire, for you I will do anything boo. You and your happiness is all what I exist for. When I see that smile on your face I see that the purpose of my life is being fulfilled, and that purpose is to spend the rest of my life making you happy and watching you smile Mila. I love you boo, I love you so much, I promise you mi amor, when you need me I will be here, I promise you that when you are not well, I will stay up all night and I will take care of you, When you are upset, I will do what every it takes to make you laugh, When you are sad, I will do anything and everything to make you smile, When you are scared, I will hold you in my arms and tell you that I will protect you, and that I will fight your every fear. When you feel insecure, I will show you how much you mean to me, how much I care and how much I love you, and that I will never let go of you. When you are crying, I promise to wipe every tear on your face and fight with what is hurting you. When you feel down, I promise I will be the one to lift you up, When you feel tired, I promise I will rejuvenate you. When you are angry, I promise I will not be angry on you back. I promise you that you will never be alone, I promise you I will always be there for you, I promise you I will never let go of you, I promise to fight for you and fight WITH you as well hehehe, I promise to be the one to make it up to you and do everything I can when you are mad at me. I promise you I will love you so much that you know nothing more than my love for you, I promise you I will be the best boyfriend, and soon the best husband for you. I promise you I will be funny to make you laugh, and if I run out of jokes, I will become clown and make you smile and make you laugh, or even if that doesn’t work, well I can always tickle the laugh out of you hehehe. But this I promise you above all, I promise to love you and cherish you, care for you and show you that I belong only to you, I promise you I will always and forever and ever, day and night, with everything fibre of my existence, I will love you, More and more each day, I will love you. And once again mi vida, HAPPY 34 MONTHS ANNIVERSARY boo, Together forever and ever you and me, Lovingly, happily forever for all life and eternity, Because the BEST IS YET TO BE.


-Yours and Only yours forever and ever
Anas Ahmed (Nanasss,  Lovey, Hubby Wubby)


“I love you for the man you are, I love you for the things you do, I love you for the things you say. But most of all I love you because you love me for the woman I am for the things I do and for the things I say. I love you.”

– Magnolias