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I thank God for giving you to me

Two hearts entwine sealed in a golden cage

Loving, as we have never loved before

Sharing our good times and bad times

Enduring trials, enjoying one another

Singing songs that bind us together

And praising God, for there is no other

We are committed to love forever

For better or for worse

For richer or poorer

We don’t have treasures to keep

We only have each other to give

As we continue to surrender our lives to the Almighty

Praying that we will grow old together

Even in another time, in another place

I want you to know that I LOVE YOU

I want nobody to care for but you

Until the end of our journey here on earth

Holding each others hands in Heaven


Today is our 43 months anniversary. Happy Anniversary mi amor. I guess we must be doing something right. I just am writing this letter to  let you know, one more time that I love you. You are an amazing person that I have truly loved getting to know. Even when we weren’t dating, I knew if I had a problem that you would be there. You have always meant so much to me, whether you realized it or not. You truly are my best friend. But you are more than that, you’re my best friend, my boyfriend, my man, my everything – all rolled into one. I don’t know what I would do without you. You truly do mean to world to me Anas. Baby, you know that I love you. In fact, I am head over heels in love with you. I never thought I could ever love someone so much and to be loved in return, but here we are and this time it’s so much better. Babe, you stole my heart a long time ago, and you have it forever babe, since the first day you stole it and I didn’t have my heart anymore – you did. When I finally realized that I knew what I needed to do, I was just so afraid I was going to be too late. But it wasn’t, and I thank god everyday for allowing me the chance to be with you. I know this may be hard right now because we are oceans apart, but baby when you are this in love, no distance is too far. When I say you are the love of my life, I mean it. There is no one after you. Because you are my dream man. You are so perfect to me – in everyway. I look at your handsome face and I just can’t stop smiling. It’s such an amazing feeling to see the man I love smiling back at me with the same feelings in his heart. Before you, I thought I knew what love was; now I realized I never did. You taught me what love was. You brought the best out of me and showed me that I can do anything I put my mind to. You believe in me every step of the way, always cheering me on. I love that about you. I love that whether or not you believe in what I’m doing, you cheer me on and encourage me to give it my all. That proves to me even more that you want the best for me. You always encourage me to do my best, to follow my dreams, to do what my heart says and you are actually enjoying watching me achieve my dreams. That means so much. You never stand in my way of what I want to do, you always are there saying “You can do it babe! “ – Only if I had the courage in myself that you have in me, things would be much easier on my part. I am so proud of you. You have come such a long way since that night when we met a few years ago. I love watching you do what you love to do. You are so smart, even if you don’t give yourself enough credit. You really are very intelligent. In all honesty, there are so many things that I love about you. So many, I couldn’t even pick my favorite. I was looking up quotes the other day and I found one that really stuck out to me – “Love is like an earthquake, a little unpredictable and scary. But when the hard part is over, you realize how truly lucky you are.” Well, the hard part is almost over babe, and we are incredibly lucky. I can’t wait to be in your arms, I can’t wait to kiss you and to touch you. I know this day is coming sooner than we thin and this freaks me out and at the same time brings a huge smile on my face. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life loving you and being loved by you. I love you with all of my heart. You mean the world to me Anas, MY SYED ANAS AHMED. 

I love you always and forever.

~ Yours and ONLY yours forever and ever, Camila Lima (Mila Babe)

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