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We do this so often, we constantly fall asleep together on Skype, some nights do exactly this when all we want is to be together, to be laying next to each other, wanting to hold and be held and feel his hands cupping my cheeks. To just lie there with the love of my life and cuddle together as we sleep. When only that one person can make you feel so whole and complete, but they are thousands of miles away and you can’t be back in their arms for months, and sometimes the longing for them is so overwhelming that your whole body feels it and sometimes you just want to cry because you miss them more than anything, and would do anything to get to them. But knowing that one day you will be together, wake up beside one another every morning, and fall asleep beside them every night. Cuddle when you want to cuddle, kiss them when you want to kiss them and hold their hand when you walk side by side, or when you just want to feel their hand in yours. The distance, the waiting, it is all worth the wait, the laughter, the tears, the smiles, the bad days and the good days. It is all worth it. 


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