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“I care for you more than I care for life! When your hurt, I’m dying. But I’ll be your relief, When your sad, I’m crying. But I’ll wipe your tears. When your stressed, I have anxiety attacks. But I’ll calm you. When you fall, I fall even deeper. But I’ll pick you up. When you grow weak, I can’t move. But I’ll give you all my strength. When you bring a smile to your face, it changes my world brightly. When you have tears of joy, I’m drowning in my tears of joy. When your rising high, I’m out of space. When you crash, I crash and burn. When you laugh, I’m speechless. But If I ever lose your love for me , I’ll lose my everything. If I lost you, I’d be losing my whole life. But I know we have each other, I’m happier then anyone could or has been in life. Cause I am yours and you are mine”

– Maggie Mueller

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