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From the beginning of my life
I have been looking for your face

Now I have seen
The charm, the beauty

The unfathomable grace
Of the face that I was looking for

I am bewildered by
The magnificence of your beauty

And wish to see you
with a hundred eyes

My heart has burned with passion
and has searched forever

For this wondrous beauty
hat I now behold

I am ashamed
to call this love human

And afraid of God
to call it divine

Your Fragrant breath
like the morning breeze

Has come to a stillness of the garden
You have breathed new life into me

I have become your sunshine
and also your shadow

My soul is screaming in ecstasy
Every fiber of my being

Is in love with you
Your effulgence

Has lit a fire in my heart
for me the earth and sky

My arrow of love
has arrived at the target

I am in at your mercy
Your heart is now
My home to be

♥♥♥ HAPPY 4 YEARS ♥♥♥

Happy 4 years anniversary my love, Oh wow I can’t believe its been 4 years. These fours years have been more than a blessing to me my love, believe me. Oh how far we have come together with our love, How many beautiful memories we have created together, memories so special boo, Forever and ever I will cherish and Treasure each of them for as long as I exist, so far we have come together mi amor, and yet not far enough because this is just the beginning, the very first page, a whole long and a beautiful journey is yet ahead waiting for us, and together we will travel hand in hand walking side by side. Its been four beautiful years and yet I remember that beautiful day when you entered my life like it was just yesterday. All I could think of that day was to make you smile, and some how I made you smile and that is all I wanted from there on for the rest of my life. You told me that day that I made your day better, my mission of life is to make each and every day like that for you, beautiful, special, and happy. And when the day come when I am taking my last breath, I will ask you then, that is I was able to make your life a happy one, did I make it beautiful. Your answer then will be what will put me at ease and at peace. Mila my darling, making you happy and showing you that your happiness and your smile is all that I want for the rest of my life, is my mission, my passion, and all that I want baby. I know that this distance between us is the hardest thing to endure, and at times its really hard to be so far away from each other. I just wanted you to know my love that there is not a moment that passes when you are not without my heart and soul, There has not been a second that has passed me by when I am not thinking of you my love. There hasn’t been a moment in time when I didn’t feel you here with me and I want you to know that I am always with you too babe. But soon this distance between us will be gone and finally we will be in each others arms, and making all our dreams come true the dreams that we dream now about our future. Just bear this distance a lil bit more my love and I promise you mi amor it will be worth the wait baby. But until that day comes my love, I want you to know that I will do everything I can to let you know that I am not far away, I am right beside you, watching you and watching over you. I love you mi vida, More that I could ever say in words, but I will spend each and every moment of my life showing you how much I really do love you my angel. I know sometimes I do mistakes and mess things up, but believe me mi amor I would never do anything to ever hurt you on purpose. Like I always say hun, I am not perfect, I know that I am not always right, But its you who makes me want to be a better man, I want to be the man you dream of, I want to be the man you will look at some day from across the room when we are with family and friends, and say you are proud of me, and that you are proud of calling me yours. Thats the kind of man I want to become amore mio. I promise this to you my love, and I vow my life to you, I promise that I will always wipe your tears when you cry, I will hold you close when its cold, I will fight your fears when you are afraid, I will support you in everything you do, I will protect you from anything and everything boo. I will take care of you when you are not well, I will worry about you even if you tell me not to, I will let you know how beautiful you are, cause Oh you are SO beautiful my angel, I’ll make you laugh when you are sad, I will tickle you when you are mad, I will give you the happiness that you dreamed of, even if I have to lay my life just for your smile, I will without a moment of thinking, cause babe your happiness means more to me that anything in this world. Its your smile that makes my life worth living boo and I want to spend the rest of my life making you smile and watching you smile babe. I want to grow old with you babe and I want to close my eyes for the last time watching you smile. I love you so much Mila, I love you more than words could ever, Ever convey. Sometimes I wish there was a word more than love to show you how much you mean to me. But some how in my heart I know that you can feel how much it is. I Love you mila, I love you so very much, and soon Inshallah we will be together and this distance between us will be a thing of the past. Soon we will be looking back at these days and thank God that we are finally together. I know its been hard babe, but I want you to be patient just lil a longer, Just a lil more and I swear it will be worth the wait. Please don’t give up, promise me you will not give up. And I promise to never give up either baby, I promise I will never let go of you, I promise I will never leave you baby, I need you, I need you more than the air I need to breathe believe me. You are my all, You are my everything. I love you boo, I cherish you and I always will, I treasure you and I always will. You are the most important to me, the most important part of me, my better half, I love you boo, I always have and I always will. The best is yet to come mi amor, this is just the beginning of the beginning, and forever is just the first page. I love you Mila, I love you and only you and I will love you for the rest of my life, for the rest of eternity and beyond. Happy 4 years anniversary my love, A million more we will celebrate together, A million more beautiful memories we will create together, as we walk together the path of life, holding hands, Know that I will protect you and shield you, I shall never let you fall and I will never let you go. This I promise you! I love you, today more than I did yesterday, and tomorrow more than I do today. I love you Mila, I always have and I always and forever and ever will, with all my heart, mind, body, soul and everything in me, with every fiber of my very being, I love you and I forever and ever will…

♥♥♥ HAPPY 4 YEARS ♥♥♥

♥♥♥ I   L O V E   Y O U   B O O ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ I   N E E D   Y O U   B O O ♥♥♥

♥♥♥ I   A L W A Y S   H A V E ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ I   A L W A Y S   W I L L ♥♥♥

Yours and only yours forever and ever
~Anas Ahmed (Nanasss Boo, Silly booger)

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