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Be My Valentine!


I could watch the sunrise, I could watch the sunset,

I could walk in the rain without getting wet,

I could witness their beauty as the flowers bloom,

I could I could listen to bird songs as the new day dawns,

I could feel the sunshine through the darkest clouds,

I could hear a sweet whisper through the roar of a crowd,

I could walk on water without soaking my feet,

I could travel the world in less than a week,

I could ponder the knowledge passed down by the wise,

I could dwell in a castle built in the sky,

I could paint a portrait and bring it to life,

I could sleep without pain, on the edge of a knife,

I could play a sweet melody to soften the mood,

I could take all the bad and turn it to good,

I could float on the breeze, I could fly on the wind,

I could soar high in the sky leaving the world behind,

I could travel the cosmos and watch it unfold,

I could witness it’s power, so wonderful to behold,

But of all the wonderful things I could do,

There’s nothing in the universe that compares to you,

I’ll hold you in my heart for the rest of my life,

You’re my living miracle, my sweet valentine.





Dearest man that consumes my dreams, 

Each and every day I am grateful for another moment to spend getting to know who you really are; spending time with you and sharing dreams, secrets, and stories of our lives. With every moment my heart grows closer to you. The tenderness of your heart and the sweetness of your soul captivate me and leave me feeling so very lucky. Your masculinity makes me feel safe and leaves me longing to be engulfed in your arms. Each and every day with you paints a new picture of tomorrow.  It’s “our” tomorrow and it’s filled with laughter, hope, joy and love. 

But this day is special. This is the day that I am most appreciative of your presence in my life. This is Valentine’s Day. Remembering Valentine’s Days past, the one’s I spent alone, I remember that I longed for you and I wished for you. I dreamed of that one special person who would make me feel alive, special, sensual, and complete. I know now that I dreamed of you. You are the faceless man I danced with in the ocean waves, the man I made love to in the bitter cold darkness, the man that consumed my every sleeping thought until you penetrated my dreams. 

Now you are in my life and with me now, in my heart on this lovely day. This is one more of our many Valentine’s Day together and I can’t wait to spend many more with you and that’s when the Valentine’s Day will be different from the last ones because I’ll have you. So I am sending you this letter to let you know how much I care about you and what you mean to me. You are my brightest star in the night sky; you are the sun that warms my face in the day, and my most special gift.  No other gift could even hold comparison to the gift of you. You are my Valentine, not just today, but every day.  I love you sir so very much.


Your girl, Mila

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