As I look from here I see
that smile on your face

The things we’ve shared
will never be erased

And in our minds we know
the time has come

For our two precious hearts
combined as one

I’ve known all my life,
true love is hard to find

But tonight, tomorrow
and forever you’re mine

Each day is the time our life,
better than the last

Such beautiful 53 months already,
hasn’t time gone fast?

In the dark the moon
and stars will shine bright

And I’ll be falling for you
all through the night

Our hearts have the perfect
love story to tell

The connection when
you caught me as I fell

Not in my wildest dreams
did I expect all this

Your every touch, your smell,
Your tender look, your gentle kiss

Didn’t you feel special
right from the start?

Because I felt this passion
instantly in my heart

Together hand in hand
we can make the distance

My heart beats so quickly
for you at this instance

Together we will go through
anything coming our way

I walk along site you,
forever I am here to stay

Just remember that in my heart
only one you will always be

Deep in my heart and soul,
if I look closely I’ll see

When I close my eyes shut
every night to dream

You’re my everything
that makes my heart beam

I’ll never let go of us,
or everything we have shared

I want you to know
I love you and I always cared

In my heart, your name
is engraved deep down

Cause you’re the smile
on my face when I frown

I treasure each moment
we spend like its our last

Because every minute
that goes by happens so fast

I’ll always be beside you
where you’ll ever be

Together forever and ever
just you and me

ι LOƲҽ ყou
ҽU τε λMΘ


Hey my Babygirl, Happy 53 Months Anniversary my sweet angel. 53 of millions and billions more to come. Ameen. Day after day for the past 53 months, you have never stopped to amaze me in any way. The way your heart is so big and so kind, how beautiful and amazing you are, even the way you more your lips the side ways, Oh God. Each day for the past 53 months I have been falling in love with you, each month, each week, each day, each minute and each and every second I keep falling in love with you, the most amazing person I have ever met. You came into my life and made it so beautiful and so colorful and joyful and oh so much more I have no words to express. The day you entered my life, it was like a never ending rain of blessings showered upon me from God. I have fallen in love with you so much more than words could ever express believe me. Mila my love you have become my necessity of life, I need you so that I can breathe, I need you so that my heart can beat, I need you so that my blood can flow in me, I need your voice so that I can hear, I need to look at you so that I can see through my eyes, I need you so much oh love of my life that I need you so that I can exist, I cannot exist without you mi amor. Since the day I met you till this very moment you are reading this post, and the moments to come till my last moment I want you to know that I will keep falling more in love with you babe. Each and everything we have been through since the day we met, have made us what we are today, and I believe that is so much more stronger and closer. Even though we have been through so many tough and rough times, these times included are the things that have made us grow into each other. And I am thankful to god for that beautiful day that he blessed me with you, I cannot thank him enough. I love you so much Camila Lima Santos, I love you more than any words could ever express. I love each and everything about you believe me, I love the way you blink your eyes, I love the way you move your eyes, heheh I love the way you move your eyebrows ( heheh but you can’t raise them like me heheh). I love the way you play with your hair, I love the way you tie them at the back, ah at that very moment I just want to grab you in my arms when your arms are raised. I love the way you move your lips, ah and when you move them to the side, hehehe ah you have no idea what you do to me, I just feel like grabbing you and kissing your lips. I love the way you wit with your arm under your chin, oh do you have any idea how cute you look? I am guessing that you don’t know, then let me tell you, Oh god I cannot find the right words to tell you how cute you look. I love the way you dress up for our dates and dazzle me with your beauty, oh the way you shine, the way you stun me with your beauty. I love the way you blush when I praise you heheh like exactly now, Oh how amazing you are looking right now as you are blushing. I love your beautiful smiles. Yes you read it correctly I am saying smiles, as you have many smiles, ah the smile when you tease me, the ha ha yea what ever smile when I tease you, the smile when my jokes are not that funny, the smile when you are mad at me and smile, the smile when I say I love you, the smile when you like something I say, the smile when you DON’T like something that I say heheh, the smile when you look at me with eyes filled with love and passion, the smile when you are happy on the inside, the smile when we are watching something amazing, the smile when we are watching tv shows or movies, ah the smile that you are having right now as I am saying all these things hehehe. I love the way you fight with me to fight for me. I love the way you get mad at me, I love the way you take care of me and every one, I love the way you listen to my problems, I love the way you share your problems with me, I love the way you listen to my advice, I love the way you do everything, I love the way you are Mila, I love Who you are babe. I love you so much mila, and I will love you each and every day for the rest of my life boo. I promise I will love you in sickness and in health, in happiness and in sadness, in poverty and in wealth, through thick and thin, through rough and tough. I will stand by you, I will help you and support you in each and everything, I will take care of you when you are unwell, I will not be angry on you, I will not shout at you, I will wipe your tears when you cry, I will fight your fears, your nightmares, I will be your blanket when you are cold, I will be your fan when the weather is hot, I will shelter you when it rains, I will be your shade when its too sunny. I will make you laugh when you are upset, I will cheer you up when you are stressed, I will calm you down when you are angry, I will go with you where ever you feel like going, If you don’t want to walk I will carry you in my arms, I will sing to you each night when we go to sleep, I will kiss you each morning, I will kiss you each night, and all the time in between, I will call you from work just to tell you I miss you and that I love you so much, I will help you cook, I will help you clean, I will help you do the dishes, and I won’t resist when you will say lets go for a jog, and so much more. I will always be with you babe, I will always love you, and I promise I will never let you go, This is my vow to you, This is my promise to you, This is my pledge my oath to you. I love you Mila mi amor, I always have and I always and forever and ever will. I know there is this one thing that is called distance between us, believe me this this is soon to perish and there will be nothing, not even the word distance between us, and this is a promise to you my love. Happy 53 Months Anniversary baby, Believe me, the best if yet to be, this I promise you, you will see.


♥♥♥ I   L O V E   Y O U   B O O ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ I   N E E D   Y O U   B O O ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ I   A L W A Y S   H A V E ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ I   A L W A Y S   W I L L ♥♥♥

Yours and only yours forever and ever
~Anas Ahmed (Nanasss Boo, Silly booger)