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To you I give the whole me
For I know that you’re my destiny

To you I offer you all my heart
For I believe that you will value it

I want to share my life with you
For me to show that my love is true

I want to hold you in my arms 
And sing you songs and lullabies

You laugh when I make mistakes,
And cry when I ache.

You tell me silly things,
And love it when I sing..

So weird and funny but its true
You make me smile when I’m blue.

No matter where you go
I’ll always stand beside you

You are more than perfect
I can’t ask for more

Because you’re the only one
I’ve ever dreamt for!


Since the day I have met you, there has been nothing in my mind but you, There has never been a moment that you were not in my mind, not a single moment passed without thinking of you. You are always in my mind. I remember it like yesterday even though it has been 57 months,  that day is the day when you entered my life is the day when my life actually began. I was just a body moving but god pressed life into my heart the day you came into it. Each day since then your magic has only grown bigger and bigger in my heart and that magic is love. Nothing mattered any more, only you. And today when I look back and see, it has grown to so much extent I feel the universe isn’t enough to contain the love I have growing in my heart for you. I know we have had our good days and bad, who doesn’t? Our love has always come out stronger and the end of that bad day and brought with it the sunrise of the best days again. 

All my life I have been searching for happiness, little did I know it will come to me on that day when I wasn’t even looking, and it came in the most amazing, the most beautiful form, and that form was you. And since that day you became the sole reason for my happiness, my love, and you became the reason for my very existence. Each day I woke up since then with one sole reason and that reason was, is and will always be you. If its wasn’t for you I would have given up on waking up at all. If you ever think of ever leaving me remember all my reasons to exist you will me taking with you. My heart is with you for a reason, its because I know you will always take care of it and always protect it like the most delicate object and I hope you know someday, that your heart is the most important, the most treasured and the most protected possession I ever had or ever will. And I shall protect it with my life, my soul and my very existence for as long I will be.

I thank God almighty each day for the gift that he bestowed upon me in the form of you Mila, Believe me I got I am so lucky to have you, may be luckier that I deserve to be. I don’t know what I must have done and what God like about it that he rewarded me with you. And also comes to my mind that what I must have done that after giving me the most beautiful reward I could ever ask for, it was kept away from me. I guess I have to earn the reward that was given to me by god. I hope I am worthy enough, but I am never going to give up on this reward that is you. I feel I have waited my whole life for this miracle, and I am not giving up till I have a life, I am not giving up on you, on your love. If I have to prove I am worthy of this reward, I will work on it and will become worthy enough and gain it and that is your unfathomable trust, your unwavering faith, your undying love, all that has become the necessity to my very life and existence.

Mila I love you, Loving you is all I know how to do, Babe you are and you will always be the one and the only one for me, as long as I exist there never will be any one else, ever. You are all I need in this world. Loving you is the best thing I know how to do. I know I am not perfect, well I am far from perfect, but what I never was and never will be, is a person who will ever do wrong to you, words or in actions. I would rather die a million times than to do something like being disloyal to you. My whole life revolved just around one, and that star my love you. because of you I am able to move around, without you I will stumble upon and shatter into a million pieces and would turn into rubble and would be lost into the nothing, in oblivion. I cannot be without you my love, never let me go cause I need you more than I can ever express in any number of words or expressions. I wish there was a way to read my hearts feelings then you’d see my love.

I know I am not the best there is out there but I also know I will do anything and even lay my life for you. Mila I cannot promise you wont cry, but I can promise I will always be there to wipe your tears. I cannot promise you that there wont be tough times but I promise I will always be there to make the tough times the easiest for you. I cannot promise you the best of things but I can promise I can give you the best in me. I cannot promise you the world, but I promise you that you are the only one to rule mine. I promise to be your support and your strength. I love you mila, and I would do anything for just a smile from your heart. There is nothing more important to me than that, and nothing more precious to me than your happiness. And Inshallah some day I will make you see it. You are the love of my life, my future, and my dream come true, and I shall never let you go and will do my best to be the same for you mi amor.

I know we are going through the toughest time in our journey, and I also want you to know that its because its the very end of the waiting part of the journey, our destination is almost in sight, and its just a matter of time when we will finally be united and believe me I am never letting you go. The sun is about to rise after a long night called waiting. I hope you feel that I am worthy enough for you. I love you Camila, I always have and I always will. Just remember that the best is yet to come and its not too far now. I hope you wont give up on me. I love you so much mila, You are more than just my everything now, you are so much more than that, so much more. I love you with all my heart, mind, body and soul. I cannot wait to be with you, and each day that passes me by is close to that beautiful day. I love you so very very much, I always have and I always will.


♥♥♥ I   L O V E   Y O U   B O O ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ I   N E E D   Y O U   B O O ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ I   A L W A Y S   H A V E ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ I   A L W A Y S   W I L L ♥♥♥

Yours and only yours forever and ever
~Anas Ahmed (Nanasss Boo, Silly boofus)

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